Illegal dump discovered in the Burren

A major illegal rubbish dump has been discovered in one of the Burren’s most scenic beauty spots – with a large amount of commercial food waste understood to be part of the waste.
Clare County Council is currently investigating the large find at Glen Hill, between the villages of Carron and Boston, to determine the source of the waste and investigate if a prosecution could be possible.
According to locals, the dump contains a large amount of restaurant waste including fish waste and other produce.
It is as yet unclear if the waste was produced by a single restaurant or food outlet, of has come from a number of different outlets and dumped by a third party.
The site of the dump is located close to a scenic viewing point, a freshwater spring and a holy well and attracts a large number of walkers and other tourists every year.
The dump has also attracted a large number of rats and crows to the scenic site.
Clare County Council is currently investigating the incident while the dump has also been reported to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
“Clare County Council has received a number of complaints in relation to this dumping incident. The Council’s Environment Section is presently investigating the scale, nature and source of the dumped material,” said a council spokesperson.
Since 2007 all waste collectors much have a valid Waste Collection Permit.
It is currently an offense both to collect waste illegally and to give waste to illegal waste collectors.


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