We explore our very own Cold Case in the LIFE Section of this week’s Clare People as we speak with actor John Finn about his acting career and his Crusheen connections

John Finn on the set of Cold Case

If the LIFE section of this Tuesday’s Clare People, we look into our very own Cold Case with actor John Finn, AKA Lieutenant John Stillman, from the hit CBS series Cold Case. Ronan Judge speaks to the Irish American actor about his new TG4’s crime drama ‘An Bronntanas’, his long acting career including appearances in high profile shows such as Homeland and Dawson’s Creek and his youthful days spent in Crusheen.
Also in this week’s LIFE section, Andrew Hamilton explores the hidden suffering of people effected by Fibromyalgia. He speaks with West Clare woman, Mal Labrum, about her experience with the condition and the great efforts being made to bring about fair treatment for the people effected by it. All of this and much more in the LIFE section of this Tuesday’s Clare People.

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