Lucky fire escape for Ennis Electric Picnic revellers

A group of Clare festival-goers had a lucky escape at the weekend when their tent was almost set ablaze.
The incident occurred at the Electric Picnic music festival in Laois in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The four friends, who are all from Ennis, were asleep when a neighbouring tent burst into flames at around 5am in the Pink Moon campsite.
They were rushed from the tent by other festival goers as the flames threatened to set it alight.
A couple asleep in the tent were hospitalised after suffering serious burn injuries as a result of the blaze.
None of the four Clare people – Ross Finn, Grainne Fitzpatrick, Laura Conlon and Alan Costin – were injured.
Eyewitnesses said all they could see was black smoke as aerosols exploded like fireworks around them.
When firefighters arrived at the scene the raging inferno had completely incinerated the melted tent.
It is understood the fire was started by a candle, which was knocked over inside the tent.
Gardaí were not treating the fire as suspicious.
The Clare group reported hearing loud screams from the woman trapped inside the tent. “It was horrible. You could hear the screams when it caught fire. It was a miracle no one was killed,” said one of the group.
The man and woman were rescued from the inferno by a Dublin couple Steve Carter and Jane Moore, who were staying in a nearby tent.
The traumatised couple were both brought to hospital. The woman’s injuries were not life threatening. She was brought to the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise before being transferred to St James’s Hospital in Dublin.
A man in his thirties who was also in the tent suffered non-serious injuries and was later discharged from the Midlands Regional Hospital.


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