Doolin plans to create replica of Bunratty Folk Village

Fisher Street in Doolin.

Plans have been lodged which could see the creation of a Bunratty-style replica village at Doolin.
The development, which consists of the construction of a replica fishing village on land on Doolin’s famous Fisher Street, has been proposed by local landowner, Guss Fitzgerald.
A planning application for the project was lodged with Clare County Council last week and few details of the exact nature of the planned project are yet on file.
Access to the proposed development will be gained through a pedestrian walkway from Fisher Street and the replica fishing village will be open from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.
A decision on the planning permission will not be made until September at the latest, but if successful it could provide a major boost for the local tourist trade.
Indeed, Doolin is in line for a sizable increase in the number of visits coming to the village next year with the completion of a new pier expected to be a large draw for tourists.
Indeed, should the new pier bring about a major change in the way that tourists visit the Aran Islands – with large numbers travelling to the islands from Clare instead of from Connemara – the number of tourists staying in Doolin and the surrounding areas could double overnight.
The pier is also expected to bring about an increase in the number of tourists visiting Doolin to sail or undertake other marine related tourist activities.
When the new pier is completed it will be primarily used by the ferry operators and the local branch of the Irish Coastguard, with the old pier being reserved for pleasure boaters.
Once the new pier is built the existing pier will also be opened up to fishing boats which should see a revival of the fishing industry in Doolin.


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