An aerial view of the Burren’s ancient past. (video)

A spectacular new aerial video, shot over Cahercommaun Cliff Fort in the Burren, has thrown new light on the megalithic stone fort. The video, which was made using a small drone aircraft, was shot earlier this year by Clare men Matthew Kelly and Quintan Cooper. The spectacular video includes a number of prolonged aerial sequences of Kilnaboy fort, put to an original piece of music composed by Quintan.
The video has created quite a stir in the archeological community as it has revealed that the fort is not completely round, as had been previously thought. This is the first time that the ancient Burren fort has been filmed from the air.
“Some archaeologists were surprised by the high aerial view, they had thought that the fort was a perfect semi-circle. Also, in the dawn light, you can make out the shadows of a number of old buildings that you cannot see on the ground,” said Matthew.
“We were there at 4am that morning to set up the gear and get ready but it was well worth it. It was a great sunrise and really nice light for aerial work.”
Matthew and Quintan have previously completed a drone video in the Lahinch area which features, amongst other things, the damage inflicted by this years storms. They are working on a number of other aerial projects at the moment.


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