Vimes the dog suffers Kilkee cliff fall and lives to Tweet the tale

A dog was reunited safe and well with his owners after surviving a 300 metre fall from cliffs in Kilkee on Sunday.
The family pet, whose name is Vimes, fell after losing it’s footing at Lookout Point near Dunlicky, Kilkee. The alarm was raised at around 3.30pm when a member of the public rang the emergency services to report that a dog went over the edge at Look Out Point.
It is thought the small terrier slipped off the cliff edge after getting away from his owners.
The dog fell 90 metres and collided with part of the cliff face on the way down. He was spotted in the water below by a member of the public.
The Irish Coast Guard marine rescue sub centre at Valentia Island in County Kerry was alerted and in turn requested the Kilkee unit of the service to mobilise. Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene and devised a plan for bringing Vimes safely back to dry land. But when the rescue boat went back out to the water, they found that the dog had already made his way to shore.
Vimes was then reunited with his grateful owners, who are believed to be from Limerick. A Coast Guard spokesman said that Vimes miraculously avoided injury despite enduring such a dangerous fall. “He was fine. He’s a tough dog,” explained the spokesman. Vimes himself later tweeted his thanks to the rescue services.
A member of the public called the Coast Guard to say there was a dog swimming around below in the water.
“They tasked us to go out and see if we could do anything. We went out investigated it, sized it up and came up with a plan. We went back out and got the dog. He had made his way up onto a dry rock. We got him at that stage and brought him back in safe and sound about an hour later,” he explained.
Vimes yesterday used the medium of social media through a Twitter account set up by his owners, to thank his rescuers. “I’d like to give a massive thank you to my new heroes @KilkeeRescue for saving me yesterday when I walked off a 300ft high cliff. #legends.”
Family and friends also paid tribute to the rescue efforts of the Kilkee Irish Coast Guard unit. It is not expected that Vimes will be tweeting on a regular basis, although his rescue and use of social media did make some national headlines on Monday.


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