Cheeky Charlie skyrockets his way to viral superstardom

AN Ennis dog has become an internet star after his owner posted videos of his exploits on social media sites.
Charlie the beagle has attracted thousands of viewers to his own YouTube Channel and Facebook page. The sites were created by Charlie’s owner Daniel Drzewiecki, a Lithuanian man who works at a shop in Ennis.
Daniel and his partner Julia bought Charlie three years ago and started teaching him tricks and tasks.
Charlie formed a special bond with the couple’s daughter, Laura Olivia, who also features in the popular videos.
They began filming their canine companion as he helped them care for her – rocking her cradle back and forth, and even assisting Julia with diaper changing.
A video that shows Charlie bringing toys and household items to the five-month-old baby after accidentally making her cry has attracted hundreds of thousands of views on the video sharing website, YouTube.
Daniel set up a YouTube channel for Charlie last January.
When the couple’s daughter was born, it became a way of sharing videos with family in Lithuania and to collecting footage for Laura Olivia to have when she’s older.
Charlie’s YouTube channel currently has over 20,000 subscribers, and his Facebook page is nearing 13,000 likes. Daniel said he has been blown away by the response to the video.
“I just put it up on YouTube and nothing was happening for a long time but then it started to go up bit by bit,” he explained,
“The number of people looking at it started to grow and all of sudden, it exploded.
“It was shared by a couple of websites and that brought more people to it. It’s been amazing, the number of people that have looked at the videos.”
Last year, the animal loving couple were plagued by pranksters after launching a poster appeal to find their missing pet ferret.


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