Residents of Ennis housing estate to cut household bills with sustainability plan

Residents of An Sean Dún at the launch of the Sustainability Pack for the Ennis housing estate.

The residents of An Sean Dún Estate in Ennis turned out in force yesterday evening (Tuesday) to officially launch a sustainability pack for all households in the estate.
The eco-friendly initiative has been developed by residents in an effort to encourage householders to make small changes that deliver cost savings as well as help the environment.
The sustainability pack consists of an energy monitor to encourage people to minimise energy use, a reusable shopping bag to cut down on plastic bag usage, pasta/rice measures and fruit/vegetable savers to help reduce food waste, a roll of Radiator Reflector foil to prevent energy wastage and water displacement devices to reduce water usage.
Cllr Mary Howard, deputising as Cathaoirleach of Clare County Council, commended the residents for their efforts adding: “I am delighted to formally launch the sustainability pack for this proactive community group. They are certainly community leaders and are showing us all how we can reduce our environmental footprint. It is important that we acknowledge the work that has been done so far, and to encourage residents to continue this wonderful work”.
Cormac McCarthy, a resident of An Sean Dún who has been central to this project getting off the ground commented: “Education is key and we hope by undertaking this project that we will raise awareness throughout the estate, not only on how to protect the environment but also how to save money, in particular with water charges down the line.”
When residents of An Sean Dún Estate use the sustainability pack, it is estimated that both the environmental and financial savings could be significant across all homes:
– Radiator reflector foil could yield up to €6,100 savings as well as reducing energy use by 29,216 Kilowatt hours.
– Hippo Bags (water displacement devices) will reduce every toilet flush by 2 litres, so expected savings of 7,470 litres of water across households in the estate will be made. This would save 2.7 million litres of water annually.
– The Reusable shopping bag will avoid 13,000 plastic bags being used per annum. The food measures for pasta and spaghetti as well as the vegetable savers will help to reduce food waste. Average households can easily save €700 per annum when they reduce their food waste.
– Taking a walk or cycle to the shop instead of jumping in the car will help reduce CO2 emissions. By choosing to walk a few times a week instead of use the car, residents could save significant amounts of CO2, become fitter and save themselves some cash.
– 75 trees have been planted in the estate yielding substantial benefits for biodiversity and carbon offsetting.trs which we have planted 682,500 kg of waste CO2 will be Based on the
Joan Tarmey, Environmental Awareness Officer, Clare County Council stated: “This is an innovative environmental project, and one which I hope will be taken up by other communities around the county. Residents are monitoring their food waste, as well as water and energy consumption with a view to reducing them. The results will be very interesting. It is hoped to develop short videos and illustrations that will help others to do likewise.”
This project has benefited from Local Agenda 21 funding from Clare County Council and the Department of Community, Environment and Local Government.


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