Taking to the streets – The Clare People preview the Ennis Street Festival

Ennis Street Festival

Over the past nine years, the Ennis Street Festival has blossomed. In 2006, Ana Bella Alvarez used the small road that links the Market Street to O’Connell Street as an impromptu stage.
It was a small production. Some puppetry, street performers and face painting. Nothing major or complicated. Just a bit of colour and fun. It may have lasted just a few hours but instead the Ennis Street Festival was born.
Year by year, the festival grew. A few hours became a day, a day became a few days until now, the Ennis Street Festival is one of Clare’s fastest growing events.
In this weeks Clare People we run the rule over the Ennis Street Festival with out Eight Page Festival Supplement. We speak with Ennis street performer Cathal Carroll; festival organiser Anna Bell Alvarez; festival regulars Los PAddy de las Pampas and Karl Clews of Earthship, while Ronan Judge preview the dance, music and puppetry line up for this years event.
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