Stars escape to the village of Quin for holiday retreat

Forget St Tropez and the Côte d’Azur, the village of Quin is fast gaining a reputation as the celebrity holiday destination of 2014.
The small village has gone into overdrive following the visit of U2 frontman Bono and chat show host Graham Norton in the space of just four days last week.
The excitement began on Tuesday of last week when Norton, whose Friday night show regularly attracts more than five million viewers, called into Abbey Stores in Quin.
It is understood that Norton was on a quick mid-week break in Clare before flying back to London on Thursday to record this weeks show with Samuel L Jackson and Keira Knightley.
Meanwhile, on Saturday evening Brian Reynolds and his mother Marian were driving home when they came across Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, walking on a secluded country road outside the village.
“We were driving and we saw them up ahead. It was such a nice evening. When we passed them I looked back and saw that it was Bono.
“My mother said ‘no, it couldn’t be’ but I knew it was. So I pulled in and pretended that I was on the phone while they walked past again and sure enough it was them,” said Brian.
“I wanted a picture and Mam said ‘no way’. But we drove up to them again and asked for a picture and they did it no problem.
“It was great. They were out for a walk. They said they were staying over at the castle, so I presume they meant Dromoland.
“I’m not a massive U2 fan myself but my mother is obsessed with them. She loves them.”
Earlier last week Ger O’Halloran and his niece Meghan were tending the tills at Abbey Stores when Graham Norton walked in.
“Myself and Meghan were in the show when a man walked in. I knew as soon as he spoke that it was Graham Norton.
“He was a very unassuming individual and he agreed to pose for a selfie with us,” said Ger.
“It seems that he was holidaying locally and he must have done a nice walk around the village because he posted some pictures of the village on Twitter. He came into the shop, as if he was a regular customer, and was really most pleasant.
“It has been a real week for celebrities in Quin, and why wouldn’t we, sure aren’t we in Gods-country out here.
“We are in a great location, we have plenty of wonderful scenery and we don’t make a big fuss about the celebrities. We let them get on with their life. We love to meet them, we love to engage with them, but we let them go on with their life.”


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