Ennis councillors elect Johnny Flynn mayor of Ennis and vow to fight anti-social behaviour in county town

The eight members of the Ennis Municipal District, who came together officially for the first time this afternoon, have vowed to begin a fight against anti-social behaviour it the county town.
During the historical meeting, which is continuing in Aras Contae an Clár, the members unanimously elected Fine Gael Councillor Johnny Flynn Mayor of Ennis.
It was also agreed that the mayor will receive an added salary of €12,000. Cllr James Breen (Ind) was elected deputy mayor. As he congratulated Mayor Flynn he called for the new council to work closely with gardaí to deal with anti-social behaviour in housing estates in the county town.
“It would make you cry to hear the stories when we were going door to door in Ennis,” he said. “I am appealing for a get tough attitude on unsocial behaviour in this area.”
With all councillors agreeing to work as “a team of eight” on the issue, Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy (FF) added, “We have people imprisoned here in their own home and it is not acceptable.”
The councillors have agreed to meet at 10am on the second Monday of every month, before the full County Council meeting.
The meeting is continuing with a discussion on the commencement of preparation of a draft plan for the town of Ennis and its environs.


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