Storm affected Quilty residents to take their case to Clare County Council

Fourteen homeowners from Quilty, whose houses are sandwiched between two coastal erosion barriers, are to make their case to Clare County Council on Monday next.
The homes bore the brunt of the spring storms as property was flooded and land washed away.
Ironically coastal protection work either side of the houses that saved other homes and land, is believed to have made the location of these houses in Quilty and Quilty West all the more vulnerable.
The local authority is to hear a case to link up the rock armour along the coast and protect this vulnerable spot.
It is also understood that over time, the rocks at either end of the armour barrier have become dislodged as they are exposed to the elements without other supporting rock.
Spokesperson for the local community Linda Regan told The Clare People that as a result of the coastal protection work carried out in 1998; the storm and water came in stronger along the area, which was not protected.
As well the 14 houses, the Church carpark in Quilty was also under water following the February storm, and Mass was even postponed on the Saturday night.
The water was so strong that it even knocked walls on the opposite side of the road to the sea, Ms Regan explained.
Up to five foot of land was also lost to the sea along this part of the coast during the storms and high tides.
She said that residents now fear that as the sea has also taken the protective grass that was once in place at this point, and the wind and rain continues to erode the cliff face further, the stonewalls on top are also in danger of falling.

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