May Bank Holiday Weekend Clare GAA Fixtures

Eire Og v Crusheen

Weekend Results


Clare Cup Division 1A Round 4
Clooney-Quin 4-17 Clarecastle 1-21
Crusheen 6-15 Éire Óg 2-16
Newmarket-on-Fergus 1-11 Sixmilebridge 0-14
Cratloe 2-15 O’Callaghan’s Mills 1-14
Inagh-Kilnamona 2-15 Tubber 2-15

Clare Cup Division 1B Round 4
Ballyea 1-20 Sixmilebridge 0-12
Clonlara 1-22 St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield 2-11
Scariff 3-15 Feakle 1-21
Broadford 3-15 Ruan 2-13
Whitegate 4-11 Tulla 1-18

Division 2 League Round 4
Cratloe 2-06 Clarecastle 0-11
Corofin 4-13 Crusheen 2-12
Wolfe Tones 2-15 Inagh-Kilnamona 0-19
Parteen 1-17 Ennistymon 1-10
Kilmaley 1-21 Smith O’Brien’s 1-11

Division 3 League Round 4
Clooney-Quin 0-14 Bodyke 2-08
Newmarket-on-Fergus 1-14 Ogonnelloe 0-05
Killanena 0-14 Éire Óg 0-12
Meelick 2-11 Kilmaley 1-07
O’Callaghan’s Mills a bye

Division 4 League Round 4
Scariff 2-14 Ballyea 0-11
Clonlara 2-10 Broadford 0-08
Tubber 3-10 Sixmilebridge 0-19
St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield a bye

Division 5A League Round 3
Smith O’Brien’s 2-17 Ruan 1-12
Newmarket-on-Fergus 1-8 Crusheen 1-8
Clarecastle 2-17 Inagh-Kilnamona 1-14
Whitegate 6-18 Éire Óg 2-14

Division 5B League Round 3
Tulla 2-11 O’Callaghan’s Mills 2-09
Parteen 1-14 Clonlara 0-08
Wolfe Tones 2-9 Clooney-Quin 2-4

Division 5C League Round 2
Ogonnelloe 3-13 Banner 4-09

Division 5C League Round 3
Sixmilebridge 2-15 Banner 3-06
Ogonnelloe 3-20 Wolfe Tones 0-20
Killanena a bye


Division 5 League Round 2
St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield 2-10 Kilmurry Ibrickane 1-10
St Joseph’s Miltown 2-19 O’Curry’s 2-07



Clare Cup Division 1A Round 5
Cratloe v Clooney-Quin @ Cratloe, Thursday 6.45pm
Éire Óg v Newmarket-on-Fergus @ Éire Óg, Thursday 6.45pm
Sixmilebridge v O’Callaghan’s Mills @ Sixmilebridge, Thursday 6.45pm
Inagh-Kilnamona v Crusheen @ Inagh, Thursday 6.45pm
Tubber v Clarecastle (Postponed – Doubling up with Championship Fixture)

Clare Cup Division 1A Round 6
Inagh-Kilnamona v O’Callaghan’s Mills @ Inagh, Sunday 11am

Cratloe v Sixmilebridge @ Cratloe, Monday 2.30pm
Newmarket-on-Fergus v Clooney-Quin @ Newmarket, Monday 3pm
Tubber v Éire Óg @ Tubber, Monday 3pm
Crusheen v Clarecastle @ Crusheen, Monday 3.30pm

Clare Cup Division 1B Round 5
Clonlara v Whitegate @ Clonlara, Thursday 6.45pm
Scariff v Ruan @ Scariff, Thursday 6.45pm
Ballyea v Feakle @ Ballyea, Thursday 6.45pm
Tulla v Broadford @ Tulla, Thursday 7.30pm
Sixmilebridge v St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield @ Sixmilebridge, Friday 6.30pm

Clare Cup Division 1B Round 6
Whitegate v Ruan @ Whitegate, Monday 2pm
Feakle v Tulla @ Feakle, Monday 3pm
Scariff v Broadford @ Scariff, Monday 3pm
St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield v Ballyea @ Gurteen, Monday 3pm
Clonlara v Sixmilebridge @ Clonlara, Monday 4.30pm

Division 2 League Round 5
Smith O’Brien’s v Corofin @ Killaloe, Thursday 6.45pm
Crusheen v Ennistymon @ Crusheen, Friday 6.45pm
Clarecastle v Wolfe Tones @ Clarecastle, Friday 6.45pm
Inagh-Kilnamona v Cratloe @ Inagh, Friday 6.45pm
Kilmaley v Parteen @ Sixmilebridge, Friday 8.30pm

Division 2 League Round 6
Crusheen v Smith O’Brien’s @ Crusheen, Sunday 12pm
Inagh-Kilnamona v Parteen @ Inagh, Sunday 6pm
Clarecastle v Kilmaley @ Clarecastle, Monday 11am
Corofin v Ennistymon @ Corofin, Monday 6pm
Wolfe Tones v Cratloe @ Shannon, Monday 6.30pm

Division 3 League Round 5
Bodyke v Killanena @ Bodyke, Thursday 6.45pm
Meelick v Ogonnelloe @ Meelick, Thursday 6.45pm
Clooney-Quin v Éire Óg @ Clooney, Friday 6.45pm
O’Callaghan’s Mills v Newmarket-on-Fergus @ Kilkishen, Friday 7pm
Kilmaley a bye

Division 3 League Round 6
Éire Óg v Meelick @ Éire Óg, Sunday 11am
O’Callaghan’s Mills v Ogonnelloe @ Kilkishen, Sunday 5.30pm
Killanena v Newmarket-on-Fergus @ Killanena, Sunday 6pm
Clooney-Quin v Kilmaley @ Clooney, Sunday 6.30pm
Bodyke a bye

Division 4 League Round 5
Sixmilebridge v Broadford @ Sixmilebridge, Sunday 11am
St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield v Scariff @ Gurteen, Sunday 6pm
Tubber v Clonlara @ Tubber, Sunday 6.30pm
Ballyea a bye

Division 5A League Round 4
Crusheen v Whitegate @ Crusheen, Saturday 6pm
Smith O’Brien’s v Clarecastle @ Killaloe, Monday 6.30pm
Éire Óg v Newmarket-on-Fergus @ Éire Óg, Monday 6.30pm
Inagh/Kilnamona v Ruan @ Inagh, Monday 6.30pm

Division 5B League Round 4
Feakle v Parteen @ Feakle, Saturday 6.45pm
Clonlara v Bodyke @ Clonlara, Saturday 6.45pm
Tulla v Clooney-Quin @ Tulla, Saturday 6.45pm
O’Callaghan’s Mills v Wolfe Tones @ Kilkishen, Saturday 7pm

Division 5C League Round 4
Wolfe Tones v Killanena @ Shannon, Monday 4pm
Clonbony v Banner @ Clonbony, Monday 6.30pm
Kilmaley v Sixmilebridge @ Kilmaley, Monday 6.30pm


Cusack Cup Division 1 Round 5
Doonbeg v Kilmurry Ibrickane @ Doonbeg, Saturday 6.30pm
Lissycasey v Éire Óg @ Lissycasey, Saturday 6.30pm
St Joseph’s Miltown v Ennistymon @ Miltown, Saturday 6.30pm
Kilrush Shamrocks v Clondegad @ Kilrush, Saturday 6.30pm

Garry Cup Division 2 Round 5
O’Curry’s v Liscannor @ Doonaha, Saturday 5pm
Cooraclare v St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield @ Cooraclare, Saturday 6.30pm
Wolfe Tones v Shannon Gaels @ Shannon, Saturday 6.30pm
St Breckan’s v Kildysart @ Lisdoonvarna, Saturday 6.30pm

Division 3 League Round 5
Kilfenora v Corofin @ Kilfenora, Saturday 6.30pm
Michael Cusack’s v Coolmeen @ Gleann Ciosog, Saturday 7pm
Ennistymon v Kilmihil @ Ennistymon, Sunday 11am
Kilmurry Ibrickane v Cratloe @ Quilty, Sunday TBC
St Senan’s Kilkee a bye

Division 4 League Round 5
Clondegad v Doonbeg @ Ballynacally, Sunday 12pm
Cooraclare v Shannon Gaels @ Cooraclare, Sunday 12pm
Lissycasey v Naomh Eoin @ Lissycasey, Sunday 12pm
Ballyvaughan a bye


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