Ryanair buy naming rights to the Cliffs of Moher

MICHAEL O’Leary has sensationally purchased the naming rights to The Cliffs of Moher and intends to rename the world famous tourist site, ‘The Ryanair Cliffs of Moher’.
The multi-millionaire airline boss is reputed to have paid €50m for the privilege and contracts have been signed for a 50-year lease on the unique site. Michael O’Leary confirmed the purchase exclusively to The Clare People and said he was looking forward to rebranding the world famous cliffs.
“Yes, I have purchased the naming rights to the Cliffs. We did the deal on St Patrick’s Day and we can’t wait for The Ryanair Cliffs of Moher brand to be seen around the world,” he said.
“I have visited the Ryanair Cliffs of Moher many times and am always impressed with the incredibly scenic views. I believe with the Ryanair brand name behind them, they can become the most visited tourist site in the world.
“And of course, how are they going to visit the Ryanair Cliffs of Moher? We’ll fly them into Shannon,” O’Leary told The Clare People.
A spokesperson for Clare County Council confirmed the purchase and added that the visitor experience at the Cliffs of Moher would not change following the sale of the naming rights.
“Apart from new signage that would say The Ryanair Cliffs of Moher, the Ryanair logo on all merchandise and brochures associated with the Cliffs, the Ryanair logo digitally superimposed onto the cliffs during the day and visible from the air at night, you will hardly notice any change,” he said.
According to O’Leary the deal will bring even more jobs and investment to Clare.
“Look, once it becomes The Ryanair Cliffs of Moher, you know we will double the amount of visitors to the site in the first two years. That’s what Ryanair can do for a cliff formation.
“And we will now fly directly over the Cliffs on our way into Shannon, nice and low so that passengers can see them and appreciate their beauty from a unique vantage point,” he added.
When contacted, The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) gave a cautious welcome to Ryanair’s wish to over-fly the Cliffs.
“The IAA would be supportive of Ryanair’s efforts to over-fly the Cliffs of Moher,” Chief Executive of the IAA Eamonn Brennan told The Clare People.
“And what a boost it would be for tourists flying into Ireland to look out their windows as they swoop right over the Cliffs of Moher, we will look positively on their request to alter the appropriate flight paths,” he said.
The Ryanair Cliffs of Moher has not been met with universal welcome, as environmentalists have reacted with shock at the decision to sell the naming rights.
“It’s a disgrace,” one noted environmental campaigner told The Clare People on Monday from her base in Germany. “Don’t we see enough of that fellow O’Leary’s face as it is? And now we have to see him at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher?”

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