Council to buy back Lahinch ‘loo with a view’?

THE famous Lahinch ‘loo with a view’ – a tiny plot of land on the promenade which was sold for more than €400,000 at the height of the property bubble – could soon revert to its previous function as a public toilet.
The tiny property, which was sold by Clare County Council in June of 2008, could yet be purchased back by the local authority and redeveloped as toilets, using the same €400,000 which the council received from the sale of the property more than five years ago.
Plans to develop a new state of the art public toilet facility at Lahinch have been shelved for a number of years. The money raised from the sale of the old toilets has been ringfenced for the project, but Clare County Council has been waiting for matching funding from Fáilte Ireland before gong forward with the project.
Council officials at yesterday’s North Clare Area meeting of Clare County Council said that the possibility of purchasing back the “loo with a view” would be examined. The property has not been developed since it was purchased at auction in 2008.
“Surely to God we could buy back that block at the top of the promenade and put in place a state of the art toilet,” said Cllr Bill Slattery (FG) yesterday.
“I am very frusratrated with the situation. We have no public toilets in Lahinch,” he added.
At present the public is provided with access to toilets at Lahinch Seaworld, which councillors yesterday said were not adequate to deal with the crowds who descend on Lahinch beach each summer.
Cllr Richard Nagle (FF) also said that the council should not spend any more money on consultants reports.
“There were no less than three different consultants involved in producing the report and since the report was produce nothing has been done,” he said.
“Every year, every councillor is inundated with complaints about the toilets in Lahinch because they are not fit for purpose.”
The possibility of using the €400,000 to extend and develop the current toilets at the Lahinch Seaworld will also be examined.


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