Were you there when the Beatles visited Co.Clare in 1964?

The Beatles at Dromoland Castle in 1964
The Beatles at Dromoland Castle in 1964

On Sunday, March 29, 1964 – hundreds of Clare people gathered outside the gates of Dromoland. You see the word was out, long since out, that the Beatles were held up inside, paying their one and only visit to County Clare.
Over a three day visit the Fab Four made quite an impression on the Banner County.
The travelled to North Clare, Matchmaker Willie Daly acting as their guide, and visited the Cliffs of Moher before spending some time getting to know the locals in Liscannor.
It was at this time also that those iconic pictures of George Harrison and John Lennon sword fighting on the wall outside the castle were taken. These pictures would not only grow to symbolise the Beatles in Clare – but also become a calling card for the young and playful period of the Beatles.
Those hundreds of people who waited outside Dromoland Castle were disappointed however. A clever guard from Lahinch named Bill Kelly, who was given the job of protecting the Beatles during their time in Clare – managed to sneak them out in a laundry van before anyone was the wiser.
In the coming weeks the The Clare People will be marking the anniversary of the Beatles time in the county. If you, or someone you know, came across them – or if you were one of those screaming people waiting out front of Dromoland Castle – we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact us with any information you have on [email protected] or 065 6895500.


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