Once in a lifetime grave sale in West Clare

Photograph courtesy of Clare County Library

THOSE dying for a bargain have the opportunity to avail of a once in as lifetime sale this month, as graves in a West Clare graveyard are part of a once-off sale.
The new extension to Burrane Cemetery can accommodate more than 50 double graves and from now until the end of the month they are available at a knock down price.
The Graveyard Committee hope that the sale of some grave plots in the coming weeks will offset the cost of extending the full to capacity cemetery in Killimer.
Sean Culligan of the Burrane Graveyard Committee said that while there have been a number of enquires about the purchase of a last resting place in the new graveyard, sales have been slow.
It is hoped that by reducing the cost of the graves for a limited period, people will be encouraged to purchase this inevitable commodity in the coming weeks.
A double grave at Burrane Cemetery costs €550, but a hundred euro reduction will see the cost drop to €450 for this month.
A single grave at the cemetery overlooking the Shannon Estuary will set the buyer back €350 but this will drop to €300 if bought in the next four weeks.
The new graveyard extension will have a modern green field layout, with no kerbs and there will be guidelines when it comes to headstones.
The design of the modern layout shows headstones back to back so that there will be a single path to a row of graves.
“This will help with the maintenance of the graveyard,” explained Mr Culligan.
There are three cemeteries in the parish of Killimer-Knockerra – Burrane, Knockerra and Molougha, and all three are either full or nearing full capacity.



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