Where have all the Clare UFOs gone?

UFOs spotted over the Burren

UNIDENTIFIED Flying Objects (UFOs) have disappeared from the Clare skies over the past 18 months – and nobody is sure why.
Clare, and the Burren region in particular, has been a hot bed for UFO sightings over the past decade with a large number of unidentified objects being reported over the county each year.
However, according to figures obtained from the Aerial Phenomena Research Association of Ireland, there was not a single UFO sighting in Clare in 2013. Indeed, according to the figures, the UFO drought began in mid-2012, following a relatively typical beginning to 2012 when there were four unidentified flying objects recorded over the county.
There is as yet no indication as to why the instances of UFO sighting in Clare stopped suddenly in mid-2012.
Speaking to The Clare People during the height of the Clare UFO phenomena in 2009, Betty Meyler, founding member of the UFO Society of Ireland, the large rock formations and ancient artifacts of the Burren worked to attract UFO to this part of Clare.
Ms Meyler, who is now deceased, theorised that the large limestone formations of the Burren worked as a sort of magnet for UFOs.
A total of eight UFOs were recorded in Clare between 2011 and 2013, with all of these sighting being recorded in 2011 and the first six months of 2012.
One incidence of a UFO was recorded on the Clare/Limerick border last year. It was reported to have taken place on the evening of October 15, in the skies over the two counties.
“I was walking outside when I saw a large vertical diamond shaped object which was very brightly lit, changing colours moving very fast in a perfect diagonal line downwards and then perfectly horizontally making no sound whatsoever,” said the report submitted to the Aerial Phenomena Research Association of Ireland.
“I figured that it wasn’t a plane because of its shape and size plus the really odd movement. Then all of a sudden, it vanished into thin air. At the time, I was on my own in the freezing cold, pitch black after seeing it. I shouting in complete shock.
“Next thing I turn around and there was a woman who had been walking behind me. She said ‘did you just see that, what the hell.’ I asked her what she thought it was, and she said it looked like maybe something on fire.”


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