Niece of fashion designer Ralph Lauren fined €2,000 by Ennis District Court

Jenny Lauren

The niece of fashion designer Ralph Lauren called an air hostess “a fucking ugly blond bitch”, Ennis District Court has been told.
New York native Jennifer Lauren pleaded guilty to charges of intoxication and engaging in threatening and or insulting behaviour. The charges relate to Ms Lauren’s behaviour aboard a Delta Airlines flight diverted to Shannon on Monday. Imposing a fine of €2,000, Judge Patrick Durcan said he accepted Ms Lauren’s behaviour arose from a combination of alcohol and medication. The court heard it cost $43,000 to divert the flight to Shannon. Ms Lauren’s solicitor says her client is extremely sorry for her behaviour. She also called a pilot who was resting in the plane an “asshole”. Judge Durcan describes behaviour as “nothing short of reprehensible”.
The court was told Ms Lauren suffers from anxiety, depression and has overcome anorexia. Her solicitor Sharon Curley said her client has written a book and received awards for her work highlighting eating disorders. Ms Lauren has no previous convictions, the court was told. 209 passengers were abroad the flight. Insp Tom Kennedy said 97 passengers had to overnight in Shannon due to diversion.
Judge Durcan said the incident must have been “frightening” for crew and passengers. However, he said Ms Lauren has an “impeccable record” and should be commended for her campaigning work. Ms Lauren paid the fine from bail money already lodged in court.


  1. Wow! Truth in the skies has a price of 2,000 euro.
    Heavy money one thousand per “palthog”.
    I often think of saying these words but good training and a tea drinker allows me to
    “Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth.”

    I use gaelic on DELTA force blonds and they love the accent and the “palthogs” sounds like praise.
    The Bishop of Galway once said.
    “If a man/woman were to say six words I could hang them”
    So by Irish law standards she got of lightly.
    Then again it was wonderful to have such a beauty full woman visit us.

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