Remote areas of Japan will have Starlink internet access from 2022

In 2022 Starlink satellite internet service will reach the remote regions of Japan. In an official statement issued on the last day 13 of September, the Japanese telecommunications company KDDI informed the partnership signed with SpaceX, which will complement broadband coverage in rural areas of the country and will also act as a “plan b” in case of damage to the Earth system.

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  • In the initial phase, KDDI and SpaceX will offer broadband via Starlink to customers living in mountainous regions or islands without any additional cost. In addition, the satellite network will act as a backup in case the ground telecommunications lines are damaged during natural disasters.

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    KDDi also reported that it and SpaceX have been conducting a series of technical demonstrations to assess the quality of performance after receiving an experimental license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. The aim is that, by the end of this year, they will obtain a formal license to implement the partnership in 900.

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    Until March this year, about of 9.660 Japanese lived in areas without mobile coverage. Despite some areas with wireless coverage, some people who live on islands struggle to stay connected. KDDI covers more than 60% of 4G communication in Japan, but only 60% is intended for the so-called platinum frequency band — more effective in speed and connection.

    It is worth noting that in May this year, KDDI’s national rival Softbank partnered with OneWeb to develop seamless and advanced connectivity in Japan and other markets. So far, OneWeb has launched 254 satellites of its internet service, while SpaceX surpasses 1.900 units in orbit.

    Source: SpaceNews, KDDI

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