Unrest among the grass roots of Fianna Fáil in Clare as extra candidates are added to the Ennis ticket

Brian Meaney who has been added to the Fianna Fail ticket for the 2014 local election

There is unrest among the grass roots of Fianna Fáil in Clare after two more candidates were added to the Ennis ticket for the 2014 Clare Local Elections without any local consultation.
Cllr Brian Meaney, who transferred to the party from the Green Party last April, and Quin barrister Clare Colleran Molloy were added by the mysterious Fianna Fáil National Constituency Committee last evening.
Three candidates were selected to represent the party in the Clare County Council election at the party convention on December 2, with delegates told two more would be added later by the party’s head office.
Councillors Pat Daly and Tom McNamara and former councillor Bernard “Bomber” Hanrahan were selected from nine nominees on the night.
With a total poll of 167, no spoilt votes and a quota of 42 the first count was: Clare Colleran Molloy 19 votes; Alan Considine 4 votes; Joe Corbett 12 votes; Pat Daly 37 votes; Bernard Hanrahan 25 votes; Tom McNamara 52 votes; Brian Meaney 1; Eoin Neylon 9 and Joe Reidy 8.
By the final count it is understood Clare Colleran Molloy was in fourth place, and Joe Corbett and Eoin Neylon in fifth and sixth place on the same number of votes.
Cllr Meaney and Ms Colleran Molloy bring the number to five Fianna Fáil candidates to contest the eight seat Ennis Municipal Area. There are also five Fine Gael candidates in the race with another expected to be added, and one Labour candidate.
Sinn Fein, the Green Party and any independents have yet to declare.
Further detail in the Clare People on December 30.


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