Court watches footage of woman being stabbed 22 times in Ennis

Charlene Sherlock pictured leaving Ennis Courthouse on Monday, minutes after a stunned courtroom saw CCTV footage of her stabbing her friend 22 times.

A STUNNED Ennis court room watched CCTV footage of a woman being stabbed twenty two times by her friend on Monday.
The incident shown in a hushed Ennis District Court was captured in April of this year.
The footage showed the woman stopped stabbing her friend to phone her father.
After this brief phonecall she returned to her victim and resumed the stabbing frenzy.
The court was told Charlene Sherlock (23) viciously assaulted Nicole Keane (23) over claims the victim had cheated on her boyfriend who is also Ms Sherlock’s brother.
Using what a senior Garda described as a “homemade weapon of offence” or “shiv”, Ms Sherlock slashed and stabbed Ms Keane in the face, neck and torso in a drunken attack in a playground area of the Holy Family primary school on Station Road, Ennis, on April 13, 2013.
During the incident, Ms Sherlock, a mother of a nine-month-old baby, dragged Ms Keane across the ground with such ferocity that she pulled a lump of hair from her head.
The court heard the hair was later found in Ms Sherlock’s pocket when she was searched at Ennis Garda Station.

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