Mother thanks judge for €5 a month ruling

Judge Durcan

AN EMOTIONAL mother of five expressed her gratitude after being given over 500 years to repay back a loan to a credit union.
At Ennis District Court last month the credit union, which is not based in Clare, made an application for an installment order against the woman for a debt of €35,070.76.
The installment order procedure is mainly used by small creditors such as shops and credit unions. It can be used for judgments given in the District, Circuit or High Court.
The court heard the woman, a Clare-based café manager, offered to make repayment of €20 a month to the financial institution.
The woman outlined her circumstances in evidence at the brief hearing at Ennis District Court.
She told Judge Patrick Durcan she was a mother of five children, two of whom are attending third-level education.
The woman said she works as a café manager and is struggling with financial pressures. She said she had offered to pay the credit union €20 a month.
On hearing the woman’s evidence, Judge Patrick said he could not in good conscience approve the woman’s offer of €20.
“This woman is doing a fantastic service to the State and to her family,” he said.
Judge Durcan made an order reducing the amount the woman must pay back on a monthly basis.
He ordered she pay back €5 a month to the credit union. It could take the woman up to 583 years to repay the loan in total.
The woman became emotional as she thanked Judge Durcan for his ruling.
She told the court she would pay the installment every month.

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