Clare Hurlers to release behind the scenes DVD

Shane O'Donnell celebrates Clare's Al-Ireland victory

WHAT exactly happened behind the scenes of Clare’s thrilling All-Ireland senior hurling title win?
If you want to find out then you’re in luck, The Clare Hurling Supporters Club as part of their fundraising efforts for the upcoming team holiday, are releasing a behind the scenes DVD of their remarkable season.
The DVD, which will be available to buy in shops in November, features exclusive behind the scenes footage that includes peeks inside the Clare dressing room during championship matches, training sessions, team talks and players personal recollections of an incredible summer’s hurling.
The squad allowed a camera access to the dressing room, as well as team meetings and training sessions throughout the season and countless hours of footage are now being edited into ninety minutes of previously unseen history.
The  hurlers are expected to travel for a team holiday towards the end of December and as part of the fundraising efforts for the All-Ireland champions, the supporters fund are releasing the historic DVD, an official team calendar, official Clare team Christmas cards and the official team photograph.
The photograph was taken at Dromoland Castle on Saturday last and a limited number of the framed prints will be made available for sale within the coming days. The photograph is the only one to feature the entire squad along with the Liam McCarthy Cup.
Manager Davy Fitzgerald told The Clare People that the fundraising efforts are all designed to give the team the holiday they deserve;
“For the effort and sacrifices these players have put in the least they deserve is a decent holiday and we hope to give that to them.
“Croke Park and the Clare County Board have been very generous to us and we’re grateful for that, but we know we have to raise our own money too, as we have done all year long to support the team,” said Fitzgerald.
“With that in mind, like 1995 and 1997 we have taken an official team photograph and they will be available for purchase soon.
“We hope to have a player personally deliver every framed photograph we sell.
“We have a lot to travel on the holiday because of the size of our squad and we wouldn’t have won it without everyone playing their part, on and off the field.
“They all deserve to go on the holiday and they all will,” he said.
With this in mind the Clare Hurling Supporters Club have a number of fundraising activities coming up. Along with the official team photo, team calendar and Christmas, there is a Gala Fashion Show planned.
This show will include players like Clare’s own ‘One Direction’, Shane O’Donnell, Colm Galvin, Podge Collins, David McInerney and Tony Kelly strutting their stuff on the catwalk.
Manager Fitzgerald is appealing for help from the Clare hurling public for these fundraising events and merchandise, and says that despite the difficult times, he knows the county will support the players.
“We know how hard times are and we are very conscious of that.
“Having said that I think we have a number of unique ideas that the Clare public will support and all value for money.
“We’d also be very aware of the fact that there is a lot of Clare stuff out there already, I’d stress that none of that is going to support the players.
“If people want to support the holiday fund then they can do that by only buying the official Clare Hurling Supporters Club team photograph.
“The same applies for the calendar and Christmas cards.  I have no doubt the public will support us,” he added.
Anyone who wants to pre-order an official framed photograph can do so by calling 087-2454643. The limited prints will cost €250 each.


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