The Clare People helps Ennis honeymooners get back on track

Irish American Lora Murphy and her Dutch husband Lars Moeslund in Ennis.

ENNIS businesses have come together to ensure one couple have their happy ever after, after their honeymoon in the town was cut short by a callous and calculating thief.

Irish American Lora Murphy and her Dutch husband Lars Moeslund were forced to abandon their honeymoon and return home just an hour after they arrived in the town on Saturday, when Ms Murphy’s wallet containing all of their money and cards was stolen from her bag.

Ms Murphy told The Clare People she was heartbroken after their longed for trip was called to a premature end, and her only hope was to be reunited with her wallet and some of the personal items it continued.

“I don’t expect to see the money again. I would love to get the wallet back but I know there is a very slim chance,” she said.

The newly weds had chosen Ennis for their honeymoon after they fell in love with the Clare town during a trip a few years ago.

“We had planned to go to Clifden that day but stopped in Ennis on the way. We decided to stay in Ennis instead. Lars loves that town and believes there is such a good vibe about it,” she said.

Ennis Chamber of Commerce are anxious that the couple retain that good vibe, and after being contacted by The Clare People it agreed to provide a mini break for the couple.

“We are putting together a small package to restore their faith in the town and welcome them back to Ennis,” said Chamber CEO Rita McInerney.

It is hoped that it will overshadow the horrors of Saturday lunchtime when just an hour after arriving in the town, Lora’s wallet was stolen from her bag.

While browsing in the shop the assistant pointed out sunglasses on the floor, she recalled.

Ms Murphy soon realised they were her glasses but was confused as to how they got there considering she had placed them securely in her bag.

Soon her dream holiday turned to a nightmare when she realised her green wallet containing all their holiday money was missing.

“We had literally no money to do anything,” she said.

“We brought cash foolishly, as we planned on staying in B and Bs and I didn’t know if they take credit cards, so we brought cash for the week,” she said.

The wallet also contained her debit card, Irish driving licence and her American driving licence as well as her one-day-old student card, which she received as a newly enrolled mature student at LIT.

There were irreplaceable cards and photos in the wallet also.

“The garda said to me that sometimes in these cases people just take the cash and throw the wallet in the bin or under a hedge or something. I just thought if someone came across it and handed it into the Garda Station or yourselves [The Clare People office] it would be fantastic. I know it is a long shot,” she added.

The couple who met on a plane shuttling from Seattle to London 14 years ago are currently living mostly in different countries due to work commitments.

Lars, a college teacher, lives in Denmark while Lora spends most of her time in Cork, but the couple plan to reunite under the same roof again next year.

They got married in Denmark in August, but as Lars wished to honeymoon in Ennis they had to wait until this week when he could travel during his mid-term break.

“We wouldn’t see each other for a month or six weeks and we had this planned for a very long time because it was out honeymoon.”

Gardaí in Ennis confirmed they are investigating the theft.

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