The Complete collection of Clare 2013 All-Ireland songs

Well here they are. The complete collection of Clare 2013 All-Ireland songs. Some are good and some are so bad they’re brilliant. What do you think. If there are any late additions that we should know about let us know We’ve added the original of the species, “The Banner Roar” to the collection due to popular demand…. Yeeeehoooooooooo. #honthebanner

Click the song title to load video.

[toggle title=”Liam McCarthy’s Comin’ Home – Damien Gormley”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Stand for the Banner – Kieran McDermott”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Banner Roar – Kieran McDermott”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Banners Road to Croker – Noel McInerney”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Here’s to Davy – Buddy Early and the Banner Bangers “][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Whipping boys No More – Declan Clancy and Ruairi Henchy”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”MC Banner and the Kilalloolas – The Banner’s Back Again”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Come Sing the Banner Song – James Flanagan”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”You Can’t Keep the Banner Down – Jerry and the Junior B’s “][/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Banner’s Here Once More – Saffron and Blue “][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Banner Bound – Éanna Mulvihill and Oisín Hickey”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Saffron & Blue – Alison Hurley”][/toggle]


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