The battle for the best All-Ireland song is on

You’ve heard them in snippets here and there and have no doubt decided which one you think is the best. Love them or hate them, All-Ireland songs are infectious. Not generally very good vocally, they are about passion and pride and all things Clare. There are three of them on the streets and the social media war is raging. Who will come out on top? Time will tell.

We on the Mill Road think that Buddy Early and the Banner Bangers have gotten Here’s to Davy spot on. It may be more of a visual experience, but there is no doubting that you will spend the rest of the day singing this in your head. Witty lyrics and some retro photoshopping make this a winner. One commenter on YouTube thinks this is the Sharknado of hurling songs, so bad, it’s brilliant. Enough said.

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