Mystery surrounding changing hair colours as blondes in Co.Clare go green after several washes

CLAIMING to be a natural blond may not be as straightforward as once thought, especially if the tresses in question have a green hue.
Hairdressers and colourists in a number of salons in Ennis have said that hair dyes have been found to go off colour depending on where the client is living.
Ladies and some gentlemen have been reporting a green tinge on their blond locks, while brunettes and red heads are also finding their lovely locks changing colour after several washes.
The hairdressers have put the changes down to elements of copper in some domestic waters, with high lime contents also causing havoc.
“Lime is less and less of an issues now since the change to the Ennis water,” said one hairdresser, “but there are still some private water schemes where it can be a problem.”
Sean Ward, Senior Engineer with Clare County Council, said there have been no problems reported to the council. Referring to queries about Ennis water he said, “The council is not aware of any change to the chemical composition of the raw water from Drumcliffe spring either in recent times or over the many years for which it has been the town’s source both via the old and new treatment plants.
“Small changes were made in early March 2009 (when new treatment plant began supplying the town) in the chemical processes to produce the treated water, but there haven’t been changes since then,” he said.
“All our testing indicates compliance with all the requirements of the 2007 drinking water regulations.”
Asked about Tulla he said, “The water there comes from the Broadford borehole, at which the only treatment is chlorination, and this hasn’t changed. Testing hasn’t shown any non-compliances.”
Asked about private scheme with and example given of Darragh, he said some premises have private supplies and some (mainly those nearer to Ennis and Ballyea) are on the Killone group water scheme.
“This is a private scheme with its own source, but Clare County Council tests its water, and no non-compliances with regulations have been found,” he said.

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