Ghosts busters find two dozen spirits in Loophead Lighthouse in West Clare

Instruments show the presence of spirits at Loophead Lighthouse

Paranormal researchers have discovered more than 24 ‘spirits’ at one of Clare’s best know landmarks – the lighthouse in Loophead.

Anthony Kerigan of GhostÉire, a modern day ghost-buster service, said that during a two-day inspection of the 19th century lighthouse and the surrounding area, the researchers conducted several experiments at the World War two-lookout point behind the lighthouse, the lighthouse itself, the modern day keepers cottage and the reception cottage, which was the site of the old lighthouse in the 1600s.

And it seems the investigators were not alone during their work at the popular tourist attraction, as they reported that up to two dozen ‘spirits’ made contact with them.

The spirits were particularly active in the keeper’s cottage they maintained.

As part of the investigation the paranormal investigators placed audio equipment, which was turned off in the Lighthouse.

Mr Kerigan explained a Full Spectrum camera (all colours including ultra violet and infra-red visual) was also left switched off on a chessboard and a compass dial board in the reception cottage.

It was this reception cottage that provided a lot of paranormal activity and was the site of a séance carried out by the team.

“Loophead was a friendly ‘ultra-communicated state investigation’, over 24 ‘spirits’ were in contact with us. With this taking into account, it will take a couple of weeks to look back on our recordings to make a pattern of what was caught to comply with the lighthouses past,” said the founder of GhostEire.

“In no means did we feel frightened; maybe this was due to the lifestyle the keepers lived.”

Referring to the Taoiseach’s link to the lighthouse Mr Kerigan said, “Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s grandad, like so many that lived there were lifesavers. So at this moment in time ‘did we see Enda Kenny’s granddad?’; like a true politician I would have to say ‘no comment’.”

Rhiannon Cremins another of the investigators working in the lighthouse at the permission of Clare County Council and the Commissioners of Irish Lights said, “a feeling of being watched with curiosity complemented the inquisitive taste of the venture.”

It will be a number of weeks before a full report on the group’s findings will be available.


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