Ghostbusters on the way to Loop Head Lighthouse, Co.Clare

Loop Head Lighthouse

IF YOU feel there is something strange going on in your neighbourhood; you live in the West Clare peninsula and don’t know who to call – fear not the ghost busters are already there.
A team of paranormal investigators, to be more exact, will this week examine the historic Loop Head Lighthouse for any ghostly presence.
GhostEire will be seeking to identify what they describe as “any signs of the afterlife” within the walls and grounds of the 19th century lighthouse, now one of County Clare’s most visited tourism sites since it officially opened to the public in 2011 by Clare County Council and the Commissioners of Irish Lights.
Anthony Kerrigan of GhostEire explained that there is every possibility that the lighthouse has an unseen occupant in the form of a ghost.
“Loop Head Lighthouse still holds a lot of residual energy in its walls and rugged cliff tops,” he said.
There is a lot of work to be done before the lighthouse is declared haunted however.
“We evaluate every nook and cranny. We always do base testing before an investigation, checking sound, lighting, electromagnetic field and temperatures, which might contribute to the environmental reason for a ‘haunting’.
We then set up the equipment that suits the activity declared. For example, if a ‘haunting’ is related to movement then motion sensors or trigger objects are placed in that particular area with a camera to catch the motion are used.
“If it’s a whispering entity then we use our sound audio equipment, while temperature changes are monitored using infra-red thermometers,” said the paranormal investigator.
“As well as surrounding evidence, we like to take individual valuations as well, taking a pulse reading before and after investigation or particular experiment.
“Other equipment we use include infra-red (night vision cameras), full spectrum cameras along with the older video visionary camcorders,” he said.
GhostEire team have a lot of experience in detecting ghosts and spirits having investigated a number of famous landmarks throughout Ireland, including Tarbert Bridewell in Kerry, Carriganass Castle in Cork, McCarthy’s Bar in Tipperary and Dunguaire Castle in Galway.
GhostEire was set up in early 2009 to locate and research evidence to suggest there is an afterlife.
“We travel to historical buildings and surroundings that hold clues to the country’s past.
The GhostEire team comprises Jennifer and Rhiannon Cremins, noted psysic Xak Arroo, Sinead Houlahan, Dominic Mugridge and Grace O’ Doherty,” said Mr Kerrigan.

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