Hermitage rallies against burglaries

Joe Downey

THE establishment of a new neighbourhood watch scheme for the Hermitage area of Ennis will be discussed at a meeting in the town next Monday.
The meeting, which will be attended by crime prevention officer Sgt Joe Downey, will take place at the Junction, Cloughleigh Road, at 7pm.
All residents in the Hermitage area are invited to attend.
Local councillor Tony Mulqueen (FG) said the meeting is aimed at tapping into the strong sense of community spirit that exists in Hermitage. He said residents are taking a proactive approach to any issues around crime that might arise in the area.
He said, “There have been a couple of break ins in the area. Hermitage is not unique in that respect; there have been break ins at houses in other parts of the town as well. The one thing that does exist in the area is a strong community of friends and neighbours. Some of the families in Hermitage have been living in the area for 40 or 50 years so it makes it easier to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme than say in an area where you have a lot of rented houses.”
He added, “It also gives the Guards a means of liaising with the community on issues that arise. There hasn’t been any serious escalation of crime. Instead of reacting its about taking steps before it gets out of control.” Cllr Mulqueen said all resident are welcome to attend.
Cllr Michael Guilfoyle (Ind) welcomed the scheme, saying it had been a success in the Turnpike.


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