Wild dog attacks in East Clare

Pack of wild dogs savage deer in East Clare

A PACK of savage, seemingly wild dogs who have killed a number of deer in the East Clare area pose a serious risk to public safety.
That is according to the Clare Dog Warden, Frankie Coote, who yesterday said that he is closing in on the owners of the three animals.
A number of residents from the Flagmount area of East Clare contacted The Clare People last week reporting savage attacks on at least three deer in the area as well as a number of wild goats.
One local farmer, who asked not to be identified, described an attack on a deer on his property last Monday evening, January 14, as “one of the most terrifying things” he had ever witnessed.
“We had noticed the dogs earlier in the day but didn’t think too much of it. We had just sat down to dinner when we heard these terrible noises coming from outside,” he said.
“I was born and raised on a farm and I never saw anything like this before. The three dogs were attacking a full-grown deer. It was horrific. The attack went for about five minutes and the poor animal really didn’t have a hope. One of the dogs touched off the electric fence and that scared them away – but the deer was dead.
“We rang our neighbours and warned anyone who had children about them. These animals could take down a full-grown deer; it’s unknown what they would do to a child.”
Clare Dog Warden, Frankie Coote says the dogs must be stopped soon or other local dogs could be attracted into the pack.
“I have a very strong lead at the moment and all that I can say is that I am close to finding the owners of the dogs. These animals do belong to people, they are not wild dogs,” said Frankie.
“It is a very dangerous situation. They have killed at lease three deer now and once they have the taste of blood, they wouldn’t think twice about attacking sheep or other domestic animals.
“If this situation continues, there is certainly a threat to the public. There is also the danger that these dogs will bring out other dogs from the area and form a larger and more dangerous pack. Dogs that are happy sitting at home will join in with the other dogs if they are allowed to continue.”


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