Councillor draws a line under school parking

famine_graveyard_kilrush_3DOUBLE yellow lines outside a Kilrush primary school are one road marking too many for one member of the local council, who has vowed to quit the council in four weeks if they are not removed.

Cllr Tom Prendeville (FF) said that he would leave Kilrush Town Council if parts of the line were not removed to allow parents to park when they pick up and drop off their children to St Senan’s Primary School.

He believes that the council executive has crossed a line by not removing the offending lines on the direction of the elected council members last September.

At Thursday’s meeting of the council, Cllr Prendeville asked why the lines had not already been removed.

“This is becoming farcical. Parents are being forced to park illegally. If it is not carried out, I will resign from the council in the next four weeks,” said the father of the council.

“It is making a farce of what is happening in this town council.

“Is there another school in Ireland where there are double-yellow lines for 300 yards either side of the school?” he asked.

Cllr Marian McMahon Jones (FG) said there was no need for an emergency roads and traffic meeting on the lines as suggested by the town clerk, as the issue had already been decided.

“We have already agreed that there is a strip on either side of the pedestrian crossing where the double yellow lines can be removed,” she said.

Cllr Liam O’Looney (FF) added that legally under the Road Act the council could remove some of the yellow line.

“There should be minimum room for three spaces above and two spaces below,” he said.

“My recollection of it was that the town engineer would go back and look at it,” Town Clerk John Corry told the councillors.

The councillors, however, expect the lines to be removed by the February meeting or they will be down their longest servicing member.

In the meantime, Cllr Prendeville has called for an amnesty for people parking on the double yellow lines outside the school.

“If anyone has a parking issue on that part of the road, they should be written off because a member of this council did not carry our instructions,” he said.

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