Traveller – ‘complaints are racist’

A TRAVELLER resident in an Ennis estate has hit back at what he says is racism at work, in relation to a front page story in last week’s Clare People.

The man spoke to The Clare People this week and rubbished claims by residents that he had been the cause of anti-social behaviour in the estate since he moved some months ago, or that he had been the reason a person moved out of the estate.

“The only thing that’s happened in the five months I’m living there is the young kids took a football and kicked it around the green.

Children is children. That’s been the size of it,” he said.

The man, who admitted that he had sent a letter to some residents in the estate offering to buy their houses if they wanted to sell, told us that the letter was ‘sarcastic’ in parts.

“I was sarcastic in the letter. I admit that. The bit about the horses eating the grass was sarcastic. I know that.

“But they think they’re better than me. They haven’t taken the time to get to know me. They judged me because I’m a Traveller. And that’s racist,” he says. The letter he had hand delivered to some of the residents in the estate invites them to have a cup of the tea with him.

For more on this story and to read a copy of the letter see The Clare People or visit our Digital Edition.


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