Clare kids at the back of diabetes queue



PARENTS of children with diabetes are not just fighting to control their child’s condition, but the majority of Clare parents are fighting to get on a waiting list for an insulin pump, for better on-going testing and for a dietician and specialised nurse promised two years ago to be finally appointed.

Adding to their worries is the claim by Diabetes Ireland this week that the HSE is presiding over a health disaster as diabetes amputations have climbed by 20 per cent.

Newly available HSE statistics show there were 781 diabetes related lower limb amputations in Ireland during 2010 and 2011, a 20 per cent increase on the previous two year period.

Diabetes Action says the HSE is amplifying this public health disaster by failing to fill critical posts and make retinal screening available, despite funding being available since 2010.

The diabetes clinic in Limerick, which serves the majority of Clare people, is still without a designated dietician promised two years ago.

Gráinne Flynn, Secretary for Diabetes Ireland Clare branch, said, “Management of diabetes revolves around matching doses of insulin to the food we eat. A dietician is responsible for teaching people with diabetes and parents of children with diabetes how to measure the food eaten and learning how to match insulin. Limerick does not have a dedicated dietetic service for either adults or children with diabetes, despite the fact that the funding has been provided since 2010.”


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