Estate of Fear

A PROBLEM resident has taunted neighbours plagued by anti-social behaviour by claiming he will buy their homes if they want to leave a troubled estate.
The man, a convicted criminal, made the claim in a letter delivered to homes in the estate in Ennis.
Residents have suffered numerous instances of anti-social behaviour and raised their concerns in a meeting with senior Gardaí in Ennis last month.
The situation got so bad for one mortgage payer that he has been forced to leave the area to live in another part of Ennis.
Other residents are also believed to be considering leaving.
According to one person who has seen the letter, the document contained an element of threat.
Gardaí have been made aware of the situation and extra patrols have been visible in the estate.
The typed letter was hand delivered by members of the man’s family to certain homes in the estate.
In it the man boasted that he could afford to purchase homes in the estate and give them to members of his family.
In the letter he refers to a wide circle of cousins who he would like to see move into the estate, if his neighbours felt they wanted to leave.
It’s understood that the letter was delivered after a local newsletter highlighted the presence of Garda patrols in the area.
A Garda spokesman confirmed yesterday that a delegation of residents of the estate had raised their concerns during a meeting at Ennis Garda Station.
Ennis councillor Michael Guilfoyle (Ind) said new legislation is required to protect residents from anti-social behaviour.
“People who live in estates and other areas should be able to live in peace.
“People should be living and working together to make estates better environments to live in,” he added.

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