Springsteen treat for Corofin youngster

Conor Ludden
It was a day that Corofin youngster Seán Singleton will never forget. Brought by his parents to see Bruce Springsteen in Dublin last week, the eight-year-old found himself up on stage with the rock legend singing while ‘The Boss’ carried him around the RDS stage.
His mother Mary says that the youngster was a big fan of the rock n’ roll legend even before the concert and knew all the words to the songs.
“Sean loves his music and he loves him even more now!” she told The Clare People.
It was during the song ‘Waiting on a Sunny Day’ that Springsteen began shaking hands with the audience in the front row. After seeing Seán, he pointed at him and went through the whole song before coming over from the far side of the stage and picking him up.
Seán spent a few minutes up on stage with Bruce singing the chorus of the song, with both arms in the air and waving at the crowd. After the song, Springsteen handed him a unique souvenir, one of the legend’s guitar plectrums.


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