Chief Super call on public to come forward

CLARE’S top Garda has told residents of areas plagued by anti-social behaviour to come forward or “shut up” and “suffer the consequences”. 

Chief Supt of the Clare Garda Division John Kerin said the gardaí can only act if people who witness anti-social and criminal acts come forward with information. 
Residents groups in Ennis and other parts of the county have publicised issues that have arisen in their areas in recent weeks. 
However, Chief Supt Kerin queried yesterday why people are not reporting matters directly to gardaí. 
“People are ringing the radio but they won’t ring the guards,” he said. 
He challenged communities and individuals to “step up to the mark” to help gardaí clamp down on anti-social behaviour.
“They either report it or shut up about it, do nothing and suffer the consequences,” he added. 
Chief Supt Kerin said gardaí treat these matters seriously and all reports would be followed up. 
He was speaking at yesterday’s meeting of the Clare Joint Police Committee Meeting (JPC) at the headquarters of Clare County Council in Ennis. 
His comments come in the wake of a number of recently reported incidences of anti-social behaviour in Ennis. 
At a recent meeting of Ennis Town Council, an anonymous letter detailing anti-social behaviour in an Ennis estate was read out to stunned members. 
There has also been much focus in recent weeks relating to ongoing concerns in Kilrush, connected with moneylending and drugs in the West Clare town.


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