How to make your Discord account more secure

When it was created, Discord was intended to be a platform for communication between gamers during online matches. Intended for persons over 26 years, includes text communication as well as voice and video chats. The pandemic made it grow rapidly and currently more than 150 millions of users use it every month to discuss the most diverse topics: streaming, games, cybersecurity, education, music, anime and others.

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In Discord, network participants can broadcast and share your screen with others in a group. The service also offers automatic integration with games and other applications — allowing users to view profiles or join third-party games.

Many aspects of the platform are still unknown to users. This attracts cybercriminals trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities. “As it attracts adults, children and teenagers, it is important to know these characteristics to ensure safe entertainment”, recalls Martina López, researcher at the Eset Latin America Laboratory.

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Each server and each channel has a detailed whitelist: it is possible to mute other users and the Text To Speech (TTS) from the application itself. Each participant can also customize the experience: the relationship with others, the level of privacy, the use of data and others.

Other options facilitate integration with games. “Discord has a high level of anonymity: to register you just need to indicate your last name, username, e-mail address and age. As with other platforms and social networks, this is the ideal scenario for hackers to carry out malicious actions”, highlights Martina.

In addition to cyberbullying and


(collecting and publishing private information to pressure and harm someone or cause them to suffer harassment), cases of extremist ideologies – political, religious or social – and of communities of hatred against particular personalities have been reported. “The number of complaints and account closures for breaches (cyberbullying, spam, cybercrime and so on) has grown significantly: from 26.97 complaints in January from 2020 to more than 78 thousand in December.”

Some simple actions can help protect your Discord account. See below!

1 – Password

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Choose a complex password and enable 2-step authentication. This option can be found in Settings > My Account > 2-Step Authentication. You must have an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator.

2 – Personal information

The Discord d does not have a profile similar to other networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Even so, it is important to remember that, when interacting with other users (in text chat, voice chat or video call), it is important to remain anonymous.

3 – Privacy

The controls of privacy and visibility of accounts newly created are little restricted. Therefore, the user must be responsible for configuring them. One of the options for those responsible for minors who use the platform is to review the images received and the possibility of reporting inappropriate content.

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3.1 – Direct messages

Under Server > Privacy Settings, you can adjust the notifications and server settings, as well as the privacy of each server individually. Just Enable/Disable the option to block Direct Messages from users who are not on your friends list.

3.2 – Locks

The Direct Messages list has a quick access menu for profiles of users. Clicking @UserName opens the profile and, in the three little dots in the upper right corner, you can find the menu that allows you to block it.

3.3 – Friend Requests

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Friend requests have privileges that can be changed. This menu is under User Settings > Privacy and Security.


: anyone that knows your DiscordTag or is on a server with you can send a friend request. This option automatically activates the Friends of Friends and Server Members options.

Friends of Friends

: for someone to add it, you must have a common friend with you. You can check this in your user profile, under the Common Friends tab next to the Common Servers tab.

Server Members: Anyone who is on the same server as you can send you a friend request. If the option is disabled, only those who have a common friend with you can add it.

Also, Friends of Friends and Server Members can be enabled or disabled, to allow more personalization in relation to friend requests. To only add friends and never be added by others, disable all three options.

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