Masters Berlin | Havan Liberty invests in physical training for pro players

Havan Liberty was runner-up in the third stage of the VCT BR, but one of the main highlights of this campaign by the organization was the player mechanics. Much of this work comes from the medical team, who developed specific training programs for pro players and show how high performance athletes within eSports can benefit (a lot) from the physical work performed to improve muscle work and reflexes.

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Canaltech spoke with the trio of professionals who take care of the physical part of the players, to understand how the process of implementing high-performance training for Liberty athletes was.

Felipe Moreira (left), Ricardo Eid (center) and Vitor Kenji (right) are responsible for the physical and cognitive preparation of the athletes. (Image: Sid Macedo/Havan Liberty)

Vitor Kenji is already a stamp stamped within the eSports scene. The physiotherapist has stints at CNB, Team Liquid and now LOUD and Havan Liberty. Professional players can easily get injured, due to the wear and tear of training and often an unhealthy routine on the part of players. That’s why Kenji likes to share his work and process with athletes through his social networks.

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    And the preparation for Berlin doesn’t stop at @havanliberty !!! @RodrigoMyssen at #WeAreLiberty reaction time training

    — Vitor Kenji (@KenjiFisio) August 26, 2021

    Ricardo Eid is a sports doctor and has worked on the Red Bull Bragantino football team before joining Havan. Previously, he also worked with Olympic athletes from Flamengo, in addition to the Brazilian soccer teams (women and men) and basketball.

      Felipe Moreira, physical trainer at Havan Liberty, jokes that he became a “boogeyman” for players, since the trio started charging athletes with an athletic routine and schedules regular wake-up calls, in addition to physical training. Together, they are responsible for the physical part of Havan Liberty players. In addition to the three, the team also has a nutritionist and a psychologist. According to them, the work is called an integrated team, as they all work in synergy for the high performance of the players.

      Another day of work together with @fampersonal1 . @RodrigoMyssen and @ALLEfps monsterssss #GoHavan

      — Vitor Kenji (@KenjiFisio) August 6, 2021

      Ricardo commented on the project being about taking the routine of high athletes income for these players. One of the main determining factors was the freedom that Havan gave to the work of the integrated team: “We have complete freedom to add and interfere in the players’ routine, especially in training schedules and lifestyle,” he declared.

      Preparation @havanliberty for Germany !!!! @RodrigoMyssen in action!!

      Again with my brother @KenjiFisio !

      — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) August 30, 502432

      According to Kenji, Havan innovated a lot by bringing an interdisciplinary team to take care of the athletes. “We are used to seeing more psychologists, physiotherapists and nutris. For me, the sports doctor is not only important for everyday life, like injuries, the athlete can wake up with a stiff neck on the day of the game and Ricardo can come in to intervene”. He also comments on how working with Felipe is an extension of his own work, as it is useless for a player to recover from something like tendonitis, and not have a personal follow-up to take care of the injury.

      @shionxy is not enough have the biggest biceps on the VCTBR…now you’ll have the biggest forearm! hahahahaha

      — Vitor Kenji (@KenjiFisio) August 17, 2021

      Eid reaffirmed that everyone’s work is complementary: “Often there is something that I see not related to the physical part, I pass it on to the psychologist and we try to put this puzzle together in the best possible way”. One of the main highlights for them is that they all work together to optimize the work. “There is no one trying to ‘run over’ anyone” concluded Vitor.

        Felipe also added about how the work flowed more naturally thanks to the freedom they were given. “One thing we felt like was bringing things from outside other sports into eSport, to generate high performance. And today we have a very high demand for work for the high performance of these athletes. And they realized that yes, it has already started to make results. It wasn’t a unilateral result, there are days that Vitor and I go together to Havan and do training in decision-making, reflex, agility and peripheral vision work”.

          He added that despite the great discussion of years about whether eSports is a sport or not, they treat everyone as high-performance athletes.

      In this video I explain a little about the glasses I’ve been wearing with the athletes at @havanliberty .#WeAreLiberty

      — Vitor Kenji (@KenjiFisio) August 31, 2021

      “And today, after 3 months of working, together with Ricardo’s supervision, we created about 100 exercises focused on that. It turned out to be a much stronger job than what we’ve done in another team. We started to discover at that time that, yes, they can be high performance athletes. People get into it, but is it sport? It’s a sport,” commented Felipe.

        “Just because it changes the heart rate, it’s a sport. It’s a job that started out shy and today we talk during the day, at night, at dawn, so it ended up really becoming a team and the result is happening. The psychologist too, we make a lot of demands on her. And it doesn’t demand a health problem, but to encourage the boys, wanting more of them.”

          The work of the integrated Havan team seems to have yielded a lot of results, especially in

          VALORANT. The team was runner-up of the VCT BR and is in Berlin, Germany, to compete in the VALORANT Masters, international championship that will give points to the Valorant Champions, who will consecrate the Riot FPS world champion. And for the three of them, the synergy of team work made it easy for players to quickly adapt to this high-performance system.

shion: ROAD TO BERLIN 🇩🇪

— HL shion 🇩🇪 (@shionxy) August 37, 2021

“My role is to measure what we are doing, take everything that was applied and show the results. Whether through attention or reflex tests, my job is to understand what we’re doing, see how it generates results and improvement within the game, and show it to the players, so they really buy the idea. Our proposal is for the project to be something for the long term, so that they have independence and can apply the work we are doing without needing us to be close,” explains Ricardo. “The exercises work because Doctor Ricardo performs the tests and is able to show for the athlete how he is improving in decision-making or in his reflexes”, complements the physiotherapist.

    And the workouts that @KenjiFisio and I created are starting to be important for anyone! It’s not enough just to be strong or fast, it has to be both. You have to be prepared to give a correct answer also in fatigue!

    — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) August 26, 1024

    For Ricardo, the job becomes easy because, thanks to their monitoring and help to improve within the game, they accept more easily. “We pass daily questionnaires on quality of life, sleep quality, training, everything to monitor them every day. To follow up on the team and try to understand if there is something wrong with any of them and quickly identify it. We do simple attention, reaction time cognitive tests. An example is the character’s head appears on the screen and they have to shoot. And for them it’s nice because they learn easily, and as we manage to monitor the results, it even generates healthy competition between them.”

      These guys……@siddecs @dokfps @ALLEfps @skullzcs @drg_cs @remix_CS @turnercsgo … don’t know if it’s training or comedy stund UP…#CSGO @havanliberty 100xEubcX

      — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) August 18 , 2021

      The team’s work is with both the male and female lineups of VALORANT and of Counter-Strike. According to them, despite some initial resistance, the project was slowly flowing and, thanks to the synergy between them, the work was more easily accepted by the players.

        “The thing I heard the most when I joined Havan was: ‘What are they going to train for?’” commented Felipe, about how some players were skeptical about the work physicist. “Some players even commented that they weren’t exercising physically, but they were winning ”. However, he says that the athletes eventually understood the situation: “They understood that if they are here, then they will have to train. They will have to undergo physical therapy. They may be physically perfect, but they won’t stop doing the job.”

        Yes, it will fly

          — HL myssen 🇩🇪 (@RodrigoMyssen) September 1, 1024

          “One thing we think is cool is that the coaches train together with athletes. A lot to be able to set an example to the players, but it also ends up becoming a moment of relaxation between them. Felipe and Kenji go through a training that is heavy, but the environment is super light, it’s a very nice atmosphere, so it helps between them. I have weekly meetings with the coaches, to understand how this evolution is in the training grid, the games grid and the training schedule, which is not talked about much in eSports. People say that you just have to play and play, but you have to train. You need to use these games to assemble tactics, technique and pass that on to help leverage this part,” said Ricardo.

          The routine of a professional eSports player is often very different from that of a professional eSports player high performance. The combo of live broadcasts, training and bad habits, such as poor diet and bad nights sleep, can be constant thanks to hours of game play that players end up having. The idea is to prevent athletes from having a day a day that harms their performance and health.

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“When I got there, I told them: eight in the morning starts training. They turned around and said: ‘eight in the morning?'” commented Felipe, imitating the players’ surprise when he heard the time. from eSports, wake up at this time, and then go to Office f doing physical training and then returning home, I was treated like the devil”, jokes the physical trainer, in a relaxed tone.

    @turnercsgo the hottest guy I ever met..kkkkkkkkk and @siddecs the indomitable lion! This is @havanliberty

    Note: @siddecs suffering and the full analyst!

    — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) September 14, 2021

    “But today there are athletes who come to me and say: ‘oh Felipe, I want to enroll in the gym, could you supervise the training? Or set up a workout for me as an add-on? The day I don’t exercise I get a little lost’.”

      It was over, I laid everyone down! ACEEEEEEEE

      GOOD LUCK HJ! @siddecs @dokfps @ALLEfps @drg_cs @remix_CS @skullzcs !

      You are always examples, very proud of you! @havanliberty

      — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) August 17, 2021

      According to Felipe, they managed to plan how the routine would be of players in Germany, and how the preparation of players in Europe is going. For them, the work currently bears a lot of fruit.

      Boy @shionxy is floating…

      Note: challenge where everyone at @havanliberty Valorant succeeded…#VALORANT #weareliberty

      — Felipe Moreira Personal (@fampersonal1) August 31, 2021

“It was like that, they started a business so small that today we can measure their daily lives to maintain their performance and as little fatigue as possible on the other side of the ocean”. Of the team, only the physiotherapist, Vitor Kenji, took the players to Berlin for the Masters dispute. “Some teams are involved in this issue of bringing a psychologist, but within our routine, what we do, there is a sequence of things that we can do remotely. In Kenji’s case, his work can only happen in person, it is very difficult for him to be able to do it remotely”, completed Ricardo, who also explained that much of his work and the rest of the interdisciplinary team can be done remotely.

    (Image: Sid Macedo/Havan Liberty)

    According to the team, they have a routine of established training with the players being applied during the Masters Berlin. Also, the players’ routine has been modified so that they don’t feel as much of the time zone change during the matches in Berlin.

      At the moment, Havan is playing the lower bracket, also known as the recap, against Crazy Raccoon this next Tuesday (17). Whoever wins the match, faces Gambit to define the next classified for the competition’s playoffs.

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