Ragnarök Online celebrates 17 years in Brazil with in-game events

On 2021, Ragnarök Online celebrates 17 years since the launch of the game in Brazil. To celebrate the anniversary, the MMORPG will host a series of in-game and out-of-game events that will last until October 4th, giving players the opportunity to secure visual and exclusive items.

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    There will be four in-game events, in which players will be able to collect special coins and exchange them for items in the MMORPG. Check below the events that will be present in the world of Rune-Midgard:

    • Celebration event : The event started on 17 August and will run until October 4th. Players must complete tasks passed by NPCs within the map and, upon completing the missions, they will be given special coins;
    • Birthday Event:
        the event that also started on 17 August and ends on 4th of October, puts players to meet all the game’s GMs (Game Masters) in the city of Prontera. The player needs to deliver various items in exchange for experience and prizes. The finalists also guarantee an exclusive look;

      • Fairies Event:
          the event started at the 8th of September and runs until the 4th of October. Players must hunt fairies for 7 days, and at the end, they will be rewarded with Fairy Coins and can exchange them for enchantments, or insert these coins into a machine and try for the Grand Prize;
        • New Arks:
            event that happens from 14 September. With the release of the 3rd Edition of Kachua, which will feature brand new items, the game will launch 4 new Arcas that are brand new and will be made available directly in the Rops Shop.

          During this year’s Anime Friends, there will also be a commemorative showmatch between Brazilian guilds, disputing the classic War of the Empire. The event will take place virtually and can be watched on the official Anime Friends channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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