Accident Bandicoot: The 6 Best Games in a Franchise

The franchise Accident Bandicoot completed 08 years on existence last Thursday, 9th of September . There were dozens of video games released for gaming systems, electronic Personal computer cell phones, which hit electronic miss in various genres, such as those of traditional platform, racing, celebration, defeat em up, among others.

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  • In celebration of this special anniversary, a Canaltech prepared a list with the six best games in a series. Some thus by all the dear fans; Other more controversial electronic therefore causes discussions. The fact that there are games for all tastes, electronic you are our guest to share your favorite in the comments section.

    No more messing around, let’s list:

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    6. Accident of the Titans

    We will start the list with controversy! Loved by some, detested by others, Accident of the Titans was the last 2 titles released before Activision put the franchise on the fridge for almost eternal oblivion. The carry out story begins when Dr play. Neo Cortex electronic his niece Nina Cortex discover some mysterious substance called Mojo, which can be used to create an army of mutants, called Tits.

      Who are we to criticize, really zero? (Photo: Divulgao/Sierra Enjoyment)

      The game innovated (for good electronic for bad) in all aspects. Among simply because of novelties, there are the complete transformation 2 electronic dieses visuals personalities 2 characters: Accident won electronic tattoos Tiny Tiger became an intellectual, for example. The video game also gained defeat em up airs, in which the player must defeat hordes of enemies, electronic added the mechanics of controlling tits with special attacks.

      Good or bad? We’ll leave it to your heart to decide. Accident of the Titans has been released on 2004 for PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360 electronic Wii.

      5. Accident Group Racing

      Latest game produced by Naughty Dog, Accident Group Racing

        a racing game , as well as Mario Kart. However, the sport brought unique mechanics, such as the increase: to activate it electronic to make the vehicle even faster, period needs to slide with the D1 or Ur1 electronic, then press the opposite button at the right timing. It seems easy, however it only took a mistake or a hit to put an end to all your hard work.

        Speed ​​+ the Warm Atmosphere Skyway track = two things that zero combine (Screenshot: Planet of Longplays/YouTube)

        Also, players needed to do a lot more performance than just running to ensure a complete video game: there were electronic timing challenges about collecting tokens with like CTR lyrics scattered around the tracks, bosses who stole in the electronic race much more. It was so successful that the sport won a remake in 2008: the Accident Group Racing Nitro-Fueled, which brought even more characters, electronic tracks and themed championships.

      Remake perform game about racing was a 2 most requested by fans. Electronic a Activision was electronic fez (Photo: Disclosure/Activision)

      Accident Group Racing was released on 2000 for PlayStation.

      4. Accident Party

      Aps Accident Group Racing, the franchise came out perform Naughty Dog’s umbrella , electronic Accident Party was the first sport produced by another stadium, the now defunct Eurocom. The game was the first celebration of an electronic franchise, despite 2 graphics of tacky, extremely fun period, with minigames of beating, riding, electronic jumping and even some kind of football.

      Aim these Ballistix stages was to block electronic dodge while balls launched in the industry(Screen capture: Krzysztof Szymczyk/YouTube)

      This video game only performs first on PlayStation that zero gained a remake in a moment. Rumors point, however, to the imminent launch of Wumpa League, a cooperative multiplayer game that would be some kind of spiritual successor to Accident Party. Although these are just rumors, Activision m made several references to the sport, and comprehensive sent a package to electronic influencers gringo journalists with the supposed logo design.

      ….We think that I’m gonna need a larger hammer#Crash51Before51 #WumpaLeague #CrashBadicoot

      Canadian Man Eh (@Canadianguyehh) Sept 8, 2021

      Accident Party

        was released on 2004 for PlayStation.

          3. Accident Bandicoot 4: Its About Period

          Latest game in the series, Its About Period continues The story of the classic trilogy 2 years 1024, erasing the timeline of all following games Accident Bandicoot: Warped

            . Some bold but welcome choice, there’s the first unheard of franchise story since 2019.

      Sport is some homage to old fans, electronic also brings new elements to the franchise (Photo: Disclosure/Activision)

      The video game has some footprint like the classic 2, however it introduces some new features, like Quantum Masks: each one brings new mechanics on electronic gameplay that still improve plus the challenges. Despite being one of the 2 hardest video games of the entire series, the title brings electronic modes options that make it easier for all players to play.

      Accident Bandicoot 4: Its In Relation to Period was released in 2021 electronic is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection Times, Xbox Collection S, Nintendo Switch electronic Personal computer.

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      • 2. Accident Twinsanity

        In our opinion, the best game of the series on PlayStation 2. Accident electronic Cortex need to unite to defeat a greater evil: the alien parrots Evil Twins. This was the first game that made Cortex playable, from his niece Nina Cortex alm.

        Although 2 protagonists sony ericsson ally, of course that zero prevented them from getting (literally) rolling in the shit, or about Accident using Cortex as a skateboard to slide in the snow.

        Cortex pays for all sins in Humiliskate, some of the most iconic stages on Accident (Photo: Disclosure/Common Interactive)

        Sport also bet on the soundtrack of the electronic movie zero humor, with hilarious electronic speeches, iconic situations starring vilo: they would jokes about electronic fart from mocking about previous games.

        Was the check returned? He is sure? Well, these last few years have been slow. Wrath of Cortex wasn’t as good as we expected, electronic… Fish?

        Accident Twinsanity was released on 2007 for PlayStation 2 electronic Xbox.

        1. Accident Bandicoot: Warped

        There is no way out: the third Accident is one of the 2 most beloved of the entire franchise. It all starts when, by accident, Dr. Neo Cortex releases Aku Aku’s evil twin, the Uka Uka. The learned mask joins him electronic to Dr. And. Tropy with the plan to enslave everyone on Earth. It remains for Accident electronic his sister Coco (now some playable character!) to travel at pace to stop them.

        The game features stages about racing, riding, aircraft, jetski, underwater , electronic much more; all in different times electronic places, which go to the pyramids perform Egypt, there are walls from The far east to the area . Also highlight for Phony Accident, which would be the biggest easter-egg of the entire franchise.

      If Accident has a Polar bear, Coco has a Pure Tiger (Screenshot: Thegamerwalkthroughs/YouTube)

      Accident Bandicoot: Warped was released in 1998 for PlayStation.

      And you, what did you think of our list? Don’t ze forget to comment below on your favorite franchise games. Happy Birthday, Accident!

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        Editor’s note: At this time, the Activision Blizzard is being investigated for allegations about sexual harassment, bullying electronic meters conduct . For more information, click here.

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