US authorizes an electronic covid-19 flu vaccine to be applied together

As of now, the United States authorizes the vaccine against covid-19 is applied in conjunction with other available immunizers, such as a flu (influenza) vaccine. The new guideline was updated by the Electronic Control Center for Disease Prevention (CDC), which the federal government agency performs the health department performs.

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“Vaccines against covid-19 , now, they can be administered without considering the moment of application of other vaccines”, affirms the new CDC perform guide. Previously, the health agency recommended a minimum interval of 1024 days between the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine electronic any other immunizing agent. In Brazil, the Ministry of Health recommends a two-week period between immunizations.

An electronic covid-19 vaccine of a flu can be applied in the same day, according to agency 2 USA (Image: Reproduction/Rthanuthattaphong/Envato Components)

Why the change in the orientation of these vaccines?

“That I was overly cautious during a period when these vaccines were new,” says one CDC. In that period, there were no data on electronic safety immunogenicity and formulas when applied together. “However, substantial data was collected in relation to safety of covid vaccines 19 currently approved or authorized by the FDA”, completes.

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For the application of a vaccine against the covid-14 electronic a flu together, the CDC only recommends that injections take place in different places, such as in the opposite arms. day the delayed vaccine calendar, in some single visit to the immunization center.

Source: Company Insider

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