The 10 most watched series of the week (08/22/2021)

The return of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU) series has rekindled the Brazilian’s interest in comic-inspired productions. So much so that, in the last week, no less than four of the ten most watched series of the week in the country left the pages of comics.

Of course the brand new What If…? was the big attraction and kept the Marvel tradition of making everyone crazy with its episodes, but DC did it really well and did it with both Titans and Stargirl and iZombie, which is inspired by a comic book by the Vertigo label. In other words, there has been no shortage of options these past few days.

Not to mention, of course, those series that remain firm and strong in the ranking, which shows that they still carry a very loyal audience and that they are there marathoning and ensuring that these productions continue in this select pantheon for another week.

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It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure the audience in series on the services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and also on what stream the content is available.

So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched series by Brazilians in the last week.

10. This is Us

If you think real life doesn’t give you enough reason to cry, the This is Us series is a great choice to make you burst into tears. The drama tells the story of a family that tries to restructure and deal with the traumas of the past while everyone moves forward, each in their own way.

Speaking like that, it sounds like a soap opera, but it’s impossible not to get involved in the particular dramas of each of the characters — even more so when you start to recognize yourself in some of them.

The series will be one of the attractions of the upcoming Star+ and, it seems, the guys decided to marathon the seasons available on Prime Video before the new streaming arrives here with the unreleased episodes.

9. Stargirl

The second season of Stargirl has just arrived on HBO Max and this has made superhero fans flock to check out the new episodes. For those who believe that the genre is already saturated, here is good proof of how much wood is still left to burn.

And the reason Stargirl is so successful is because she’s such a hot show. Despite having a more youthful tone, the story of the teenager who discovers she is part of a family of superheroes brings a light adventure that serves as a great gateway for this younger audience to the universe of comics.

Both seasons of the show are available on HBO Max.

8. iZombie

Like Stargirl, iZombie also just received new episodes and fans rushed to check out the unpublished stories. The difference here is that this is not a superhero universe, although it also came from the comic book pages. In this case, we are talking about another series of zombies.

But the premise of iZombie is quite different. The plot revolves around a doctor who turns into an undead and works in a morgue, where she has easy access to brains. As if that wasn’t weird enough, she inherits the memories of the corpse she just ate.

In all, it’s been five seasons and the most recent episodes just made it to HBO Max. So if you needed an incentive to follow along, this is your chance.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale

One more time on the list of most watched series of the week is The Handmaid’s Tale. Inspired by the book O Conto da Aia, the series has just completed its fourth season and many people took advantage of the moment to marathon and keep up with the plot. And the series continues with its deeper theme and debating very current issues, which is always a good idea to follow and make us think about reality.

The Handmaid’s Tale can be watched on Globoplay, Now and Paramount+.

6. Manifest

But if there’s something we like more than a superhero, it’s a good mystery — and Manifest delivers that very well. The story of a flight that disappears for five years and lands as if nothing had happened continues to intrigue audiences while exploring the development of these characters. After all, how to resume your life after so long with the world thinking you’re dead?

Manifest is available on HBO Max and Globoplay.

5. American Horror Story

The Brazilian is still hooked on a good horror story and American Horror Story is the darling in this regard. And there’s no reason for people to stop marathoning the series, since there are ten seasons and in an anthology format that allows people to watch each story in isolation according to the theme they prefer. It is the ideal format for those who want to be scared and scared in their comfort zone.

You can watch the series on Globoplay and Now.

4. The Vampire Diaries

But it’s not just zombies and monsters that Brazilians like. Plus, we also enjoy seeing vampires on our shows — even more so on an already classic show around here. The Vampire Diaries may be old, having aired between 2009 and 2017, but it still carries a legion of fans.

So much so that all it took was HBO Max to add all six seasons to its backlog for people to run marathon every episode again.

3. iCarly

The children’s sitcom has returned after almost ten years with a good part of its original cast and returning to the same atmosphere as before. It’s a nice tribute to the show and a thank you to the fans who spent a lot of time begging for this return. So, given the legion of fans the original iCarly had, it’s no surprise that this revival has won so many people over the past week.

The new iCarly is available on Paramount+ and Oi Play.

2. Titans

Another series of heroes from DC, Titãs tells the story of the famous group of teenage heroes, but with a slightly more mature and heavy grip with Robin, Beast Boy, Ravena and company going down to thugs and facing some classic villains without the jokes that the cartoon brought.

The two seasons have been available on Netflix for some time now, and the upcoming season three premiere made people rush to watch the episodes already available before the arrival of the new ones.

1. What If…?

As expected, the new MCU series was the biggest attraction of the week. In this case, we are talking about What If…?, the studio’s first animation, which presents alternative versions of the stories we know. A very curious proposal that explores the newly created multiverse very well.

In all, there will be nine episodes a week — which means you’ll still hear a lot about this series around here.

What If…? is exclusive to Disney+.

Source: JustWatch

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