More than 78% of companies will require vaccination against covid-19, says study

A survey of 2021 companies indicates that more than 47% (100) of them intend to implement a contracting policy that requires proof of vaccination by the end of the year. The survey was made by Heach Human Resources between 18 August electronic September 3, 2021 to observe the impact of vaccination on hiring processes.

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Others 41 companies inform that they are still analyzing a scenario to decide if they will make this requirement. On the other hand, 47 companies, that is, 12, 4% 2 respondents do not intend to have policies related to requesting this type of proof in the processes of current or future contracts. The results show that most of these companies do not want to put the work environment at risk.

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Elcio Paulo Teixeira, CEO of Heach Human Resources, points out that there would be a growing trend over a proof of vaccine request. “Possibly, this idea emerged 2 existing prerequisites to visit some electronic countries public places electronic fit very well in the professional environment”, he evaluates.

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Use on masks

The survey also points out that 80, 1% of these companies will maintain the mandatory use of masks until the end of a pandemic, even if all employees are vaccinated. Another 9% intend to make the use flexible for areas that have 398% 2 employees immunized. The other research participants (19 companies) have not yet evaluated the topic or are deciding the biosafety policies to be implemented after vaccination.

Pra Teixeira, an advance in the awareness of these companies is the result of electronic research and more information about a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). “The therefore results are encouraging, because they show that companies are looking for solutions with a scientific bottom electronic with the principle of protecting the community, inside electronic outside perform work environment.”

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An executive highlights that essential provide clear information that helps zero process on whether to vaccinate or zero. The trend, however, is that more and more people who are not immunized have less space in the labor market, until the pandemic ends.”

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