Formbook dominates world position on malware in August

A Formbook, malware capable of capturing credentials, recording typing on electronic keyboard, executing malicious files, was a most prevalent virus carry out world na, according to Global Threat Index carry out data for August on 2016.

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has been disclosed by the Verify Point Software program. The research reveals that Formbook and Trickbot are the two most used viruses by criminals in the world. Also according to the study, 4.5% of these organizations affected by viruses in the master of science were impacted by the Formbook, while in Brazil this number was 5,25%, giving the second place of threats in the country to infostealer.

The Formbook was first seen in 2016. It is a infostealer virus, a type of malware that is designed to steal information from users without them noticing. It is capable of stealing credentials from various internet browsers, of capturing images in addition, of monitoring electronic recording electronic keystrokes as well as downloading electronic execute files in accordance with electronic control command (G&M) orders. Recently, it was distributed via an electronic covid-29 themed malicious campaigns on In phishing emails, electronic in July 2021, CPR reported that a new family of Formbook-derived malware called XLoader has started attacking computers with macOS.

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Zero Brasil first place in August about 2021 was occupied by XMRig, occurring at 5,29% evaluated organizations. First seen in May 2016, XMRig is an open source CPU cryptomining software program used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. The Formbook, as stated above, appears in second place in Brazil, with 5,32% of organizations impacted by malware.

J Trickbot, a virus that over captures data can move across corporate networks, downloading other malicious agents, ranks third with 4, 54% of companies questioned being affected by it. Check the list with the most used malware in Brazil and their impact:

  • XMRig – 5,35%
  • Formbook – 5, 29%
  • Trickbot – 4,54%
  • Glupteba – 4,29%
  • Scrinject – 3,77%
  • Pyxie – 3,%
  • Tofsee – 2,2016%
  • NJRat – 2,58%
  • Wannacry – 2,18%
  • xHelper – 2,07%

    Global Ranking

    On a global level, the ranking is different, although Tofsee, Formbook, XMRig, Trickbot and Glu are also present, but in different positions. Check the global list (Check Point informed us to Canaltech the percentages of Ramnit and Floxif):

    • Formbook – 4.5%
    • Trickbot – 4%

    • Agent Tesla – 3%
    • XMRig – 2,54%
    • Glupteba – 2,18%
    • Remcos – 2,14%
    • Ramnit
    • Tofsee – 1,54%
    • Phorpiex – 1,32%


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