HQ finally confirms that a Prometheus movie hinted at the Aliens

This one for those who wanted to know more about a certain science fiction directed by Ridley Scott. A new Marvel comic book about Alien, the scary xenomorph movie series, has given a “deadly” meaning to the title perform movie Prometheus, in 2012. The new comic is a prequel, meaning its events take place before 2 classic films starring Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver).

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    Watch out for spoilers the following. In issue d 6 of Alien, recently released in the US, the human protagonist of the story, Gabriel Cruz, faces the Xenomorph Alpha on the space station Epsilon. He also tries to save his son Danny from being consumed by aliens. However the story shows that Danny’s girlfriend Iris is actually a synthetic being who explains to Gabriel electronic a Bishop (yes, the classic robot character of the franchise) that xenomorphs are therefore the “purifying fire of Prometheus”.

    Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

    So, what she means is that the function 2 Aliens perform movie theater keeps a universe in balance, wiping out races that grow or expand beyond 2 limits on their own world. the case 2 humans from an Earth, who started to explore more electronic more space. In other words, it confirms the theory that many fans were considering this, that xenomorphs were created by the “space gods” as biological weapons to exterminate the “experiments” that “didn’t work” the first time that this was openly confirmed, which not even director Riddley Scott had admitted something.

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    Scene about Alien: Covenant, sequel about Prometheus (Image: Disclosure/Fox)

    Anyone who knows the Greek myth about Prometheus must have understood the reference. The hero was responsible for stealing fire from the electronic Host and giving it to mortals. This displeased Zeus, who feared that humanity would become too powerful by taking possession of perform fire. As punishment for petulence, the deity left Prometheus chained to a rock for eternity while animals ate his viscera.

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      Iris also confirms that the dreams Gabriel has had of a “xenomorph woman” has everything to do with the future of a humanity, which is deteriorating thanks to continuous attempts to chase the “fire on Prometheus”. The story ends its arc in this sixth edition, so a new one is expected to start at Alien and 7 with new attempts for humanity to “chase its own death” by daring to go far too much electronic to be punished by more xenomorphs.

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