Camera maker Olympus suffers possible ransomware attack

The Olympus, one of the largest manufacturers of optical equipment and cameras for both the consumer and the health and carry out science fields, is investigating a potential incident of cybersecurity on its Information Technology (IT) systems located in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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The company announced that it is investigating an attack, which occurred on September 8th, this past Saturday (11) According to a press release from an Olympus, as soon as it detected suspicious activity, the company mobilized a period on specialized electronic response is working with the highest priority to resolve a problem. problem.

The company is also investigating the exte us about resulting damage perform attack. In the statement sent to the website BleepingComputer, Christian Pott, a spokesman for the company, commented that the electronic services and the security of 2 consumers were not compromised by the attack.

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Signals about an electronic kidnapping40

A source informed the TechCrunch website that the Olympus is actually dealing with an attack on electronic hijacking (ransomware). He shared with the international technology website the messages left by attackers on systems at the company, where, after decrypting, they reveal a Tor address previously used in attacks by the BlackMatter gang. The source, interestingly, informed TechCrunch of a situation before Olympus announced the incident.

Blackmatter is a relatively new ransomware, with first reports of its attacks taking place in this year’s June. It is considered the successor perform DarkSide, comprehensive relying on the same encryption routines used by the previous virus. It is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaS) where the perform code holders rent access to infrastructure perform attack to interested parties for a fee of a percentage perform ransom paid for data recovery. Until today, more than 11 attacks carried out since June therefore considered as works perform grupo.

At a close of this article, the Olympus zero came to the public to confirm whether it was an attack on ransomware or zero. In case the comment is released, the article will be updated.

Source: TechRadar, Bleeping Personal computer

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