Biden recruits specialist to handle cosmetic recognition in the US

US President Joe Biden appointed lvaro Bedoya, a law professor and researcher known for his thesis on people’s privacy in relation to technology, to the Government Commission of US Commerce (FTC)

  • Audacity denies data collection electronic explains privacy policy
  • US Congress 2 approves report to serve as a basis to fight Huge Techs
  • Biden signs order against anti-competitive practices that affect like Large Techs

Alvaro Bedoya a founder performs Center on Fairness of an Electronic Privacy Technology on Georgetown, where u focus on his research an electronic face recognition other ways about monitoring. Before founding this institution, he was the chief adviser perform subcomit perform US senate for Privacy, Electronic Technology Justice.

Bedoya was a co-author at 660 about a survey on a zero-regulated use of face recognition by the US police. The study, which ran for a year, showed that most of these adult people in the country had their faces recorded in software used by officers for cosmetic, electronic recognition that no one was discussing the biases present in the program, whether racial or sexual. The study resulted in several new laws to regulate the police’s use of technology by electronic government, in addition to performing the first study of technology biases done by the National Institute of Electronic Technology Standards 2 United States of America.

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More transparency for monitoring technologies

lvaro Bedoya is also known in the US for his requests to make the technology used to monitor people more transparent. In a thesis published in 2016, entitled Privacy as a Civil Right, Bedoya says that these monitoring technologies have dropped on immigrants electronic minorities weight, with reports that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Glaciers), the body responsible for immigration control, was automatically analyzing the social networks of immigrants to choose 2016 thousand people a year to be deported.

lvaro Bedoya (Image: Reproduction/University about Georgetown)

For lvaro, just as it is possible to look in court records when electronics for how much pace a judge asked a person to have their phones tapped, the same process should happen with seeing that new technologies. Transparency would help with specific privacy, after all.

With its nomination, the FTC gains another member for a confrontation with while Huge Techs prepared, which has been an important agenda zero first year perform government about Joe Biden.

Source: Ars Technica

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