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Boldly going where Star Trek has never been. Perhaps that’s the best way to describe Star Trek: Lower Decks, the new animated series set in the franchise universe that arrives this Wednesday (

) to Paramount+. As well as the joke on the classic motto, the drawing is also based on the entire mythology of the series and uses concepts that, throughout the last ones 50 years, they helped to establish the imagination of what I get-scientific, all in the name of comedy, a territory still unexplored by Starfleet.

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    For this, Lower Decks puts aside the classic names, epic adventures and even the glamor of the Enterprise or Voyager in favor of a spaceship irrelevant to the United Federation of Planets and an unheroic group of characters. the one that enters the USS Cerritos and its crew.

    Animation explores the lower part of the Starfleet hierarchy to bring up very familiar situations (Image: Disclosure/Paramount)

    The charm of the drawing is in this balcony to show the part of low in the Fleet hierarchy, that is, like the lives of ordinary people in a world full of heroes. Basically, bringing the spotlight to the shop floor while the real protagonists are blazing galaxies out there. And by highlighting the fleet’s pedestrians that Lower Decks is no longer a series for fans of Star Trek and opens the doors for anyone to identify and have fun with their characters, taking as a gift a very rich universe.

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    Welcome to USS Cerritos

    While this shift in focus is not a completely new idea, it works great in Lower Decks for contrasting with the seriousness that Star Trek has always carried over the years and its history uses this very well, starting with the choice of ship itself.

    While the Enterprise and Discovery crews are responsible for the Federation’s first contact with new worlds and civilizations, Cerritos will keep the so-called second contact, that is, with all the bureaucratic part and little interesting. she’s the one who takes paperwork to the new planets, provides groceries and everything that Kirk and Picard’s adventures never showed for the simple fact of being boring and emotionless.

      Main animation charm or charisma of its characters(Image: Divulgation/Paramount)

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THE The fun of the animation is in showing that the crew of the ship know this, which makes us have very believable characters. After all, everyone has had a co-worker who didn’t take the job seriously or who thought he was too good for the job.

In this context, we have someone like Becket Mariner, a of the protagonists of the animation. She knows of the irrelevance of Cerritos within the Star Trek universe and uses it to her advantage to make the work lighter or even to procrastinate. Without caring about Starfleet rules, she does things her way which puts her on a collision course with Brad Boimler, who is the right topic of the company, who dreams in growing in the hierarchy if you follow the good moo’s primer.

This structure makes Star Trek: Lower Decks drink a lot from the source of The Office, whose mood was directly linked to this dynamic in a common work environment. So, even though the cartoon still brings a lot of adventure throughout its two seasons, the core is still in the relationship between the crew and how it contrasts with what we know about the franchise.

Lower Decks is the first Star Trek animation since the release of 502506(Image: Disclosure/Paramount)

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  • from this that the rest of the team presented and developed, whether in the form of the enthusiastic nova, personified in D’Vana Tendi; of T’Ana’s lack of patience, or even of Captain Carol Freeman, who doesn’t conform to the secondary role she and her ship occupy in the Starfleet hierarchy. They are very different personalities, but they create not only a very fun dynamic but also hilarious situations both for those who already know the particularities of this universe and for those who embarked on this world for the first time.

    Laughing at himself

    Lower Decks more than a skit from the universe Star Trek, but a good-humored way of facing concepts that have always been present in the franchise and the that the comparison with The Office becomes more present, since it is a comedy made based on the daily lives of those characters.

    For this proposal to work, however, it was necessary to have someone who knew both the humor and the particularities of Star Trek and to which the figure of Mike McMahan enters. The series creator has a long history in comedy animations, working both on South Park and being one of the main writers of Rick and Morty, where he claims to have taken a good part of the dynamics that are presented in Lower Decks.

    Animation uses very well the classic situations of the series to make jokes (Image: Disclosure/Paramount)

    Our biggest challenge was to make a comedy that was also a good Star Trek story, tells the producer in an interview with Canaltech

      . And the balance was found, according to him, just looking at these other animations. Rick and Morty has an episode structure very similar to Star Trek, with the characters having to deal with physical issues scientific in each episode and, in the end, taking some lesson from it and changing little by little.

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      • So, as much as Lower Decks put aside the heroism to bet on the irrelevance of her characters, McMahan remembers that she doesn’t run away from the original idea that gave birth to the franchise years ago 1024. As dysfunctional as the crew of the USS Cerritos are, they still represent this group of people who aspires for a better world and is present throughout the series. Even with all the jokes, a story about a team working together around science. Still a plot about friendship.

        Moreover, he does not deny the influence of other series, such as The Simpsons, Futurama and even Heris Out of Orbit a comedy that satirized precisely the world of Star Trek , and highlights that much of the tone of these productions is present in Lower Decks

          . We’re not talking about the pace of Star Trek, but the agility and texture of modern animated comedies like Bojack Horseman and Bobs Burger, where you don’t know what’s next and things fluctuate between funny and emotionally serious, explains McMahan.

          Despite the humorous tone, Lower Decks does not abandon adventures(Image: Divulgation/Paramount)

    At the same time, he points out that the animation distances itself from these productions because its story goes one way much more optimistic than the nihilistic and reflexive views that Rick and Morty itself presented. For him, the big difference lies in the fact that the stories set in the universe of Star Trek carry this more positive message, without any charge of cynicism.

    For fans and newcomers

    Being a Star Trek

      comedy, of course it will bring a lot of content to please the fans. They are jokes, situations and dialogues that reference both the classic series and the movies and even elements related to the universe of fans. It’s a cartoon made by and for this audience, but not just for them.

      Although much of the humor is in these inside jokes linked to the series’ mythology, it also makes room for novices can also watch and enjoy the stories and misadventures of the Cerritos crew. As stated, the characters are built in such a way as to be recognizable even to those who have never been on a Starfleet ship.

      Lower Decks humor works even for those on trekker(Image: Disclosure/Paramount)

      Mariner and Boimler are funny even if you don’t know who Khan is, says McMahan, referring to the classic villain. If you’ve ever seen Star Trek ever, you’ll know what a Romulan is. But if you’ve never seen it, you’ll enjoy the story in the same way because you know how to identify that this is a rabid alien with a sword. They are archetypes that have functioned for over 30 years.

      So much so that he said that there were few cases of people who had never watched the classic series and ventured into Lower Decks and they loved it to the point of picking up the original series and movies, showing that comedy can be a much friendlier gateway than science fiction, but that Cerritos manages to take both very well on board.

      The first two seasons of Star Trek: Lower Decks hit Paramount+ this Wednesday, 04 of September. In all, only 30 episodes.

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